How to Make Organic Fertilizer for Roses

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It is easy to make organic fertilizer at home with common household refuse. Whether you have a nitrogen-rich compost pile or you make organic fertilizers in other ways, it can be done with ease and with little expense. Roses, in particular, will flourish when you add an organic fertilizer to the soil in which they grow. In order to get a rose garden to bloom more copiously and lushly, some fertilizer is necessary but there is no need to spend your money on a store-bought variety because you can make an effective fertilizer with coffee grounds!

Tools and Materials

  • 5 gallon bucket
  • ½ lb. coffee grounds
  • Water

Step 1: Choose a Fertilization Method

There are a couple of different ways you can fertilize your rose bushes with coffee grounds. The first involves diluting the grounds in water and the second method involves baking them at a very low temperature before you add them to the soil.

Step 2: Water with Fertilizer

With the first method, pour ½ lb. of coffee grounds into a 5-gallon bucket filled with water. Let this mixture sit in the sun for a whole day. After it has warmed, give your rose bushes a good fertilizer bath by pouring it over the soil around the roses.

Step 3: Bury the Fertilizer

The other method involves drying the coffee grounds out in an oven at the lowest temperature setting or putting them out in the sun to dry. You can use as little as 6 tbsp. for this method.  After the grounds are thoroughly dry, bury them at a shallow depth around the base of the rose bushes. Add water after the grounds are in place. Be careful not to bury too many grounds or you could over-fertilize the roses.

Step 4: Make compost

Adding coffee grounds-along with other nitrogen and potassium-rich foodstuffs to your compost pile is a great way to make homemade organic fertilizer. Composting is all about good layering. You want a layer of carbon rich refuse like leaves, twigs, and other brown organic materials counterbalanced with nitrogen-rich materials like grass clippings, coffee grounds, eggshells and other food waste. It will take between 2 to 6 months for a compost pile to be ready but if you plan it accordingly, the compost will be ready just in time for the growing season. Make sure you frequently turn the compost pile with a pitchfork to ensure oxygen is getting into all the ingredients. A good compost pile should be quite hot in the center--120 degrees or so.

Once the compost is ready, add it to the base of your rose bushes for a great organic fertilizer.

Fertilizer can be made at home with little effort. Using coffee grounds, you can make organic fertilizer in a day. A compost pile is another great way to make fertilizer. You can use what you make on your entire garden, and it will benefit everything. Fertilizer is best when it is entirely organic. What better way to help your roses flourish than with something you make yourself!

73 - Compost.jpg

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