4 Flowering Shrubs for Clay Soil

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The low nutrient content of clay soil presents a challenge to even the experienced gardener, but unfortunately some of us have no choice. However, if you make the right planting selections and take good care of your shrubs, you will be enjoying blossoming plants for months to come.

1 - Potentilla

This yellow-flowered plant is extremely rugged, and has no problem making its home in a bed of clay soil. Additionally, its flowers can survive frost and will often last far longer than other flowering shrubs.

2 - Rock Rose

The hearty Rock Rose is a popular choice for gardens because of its adaptability for poor soil. This plant isn't just pragmatic however--its pink, white, and yellow flowers are also uniquely beautiful. Unfortunately, the flowers are relatively short-lived and likely won't last past August.

3 - Viburnum

While all of these shrubs are great, Viburnum may be the ultimate win-win plant. Not only will it grow in clay soil, it will decorate your garden all year long through a combination of colorful flowers, fruits, and foliage.

4 - Blackberries

There's a reason you always see blackberry bushes on the side of the road--they're extremely adaptable plants! Blackberry bushes will grow in clay soil and produce elegant white flowers, to say nothing of the delicious berries they will soon produce!

41 - Rock Rose.jpg

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