The Best Way to Apply an Organic Insecticide

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The best way to apply an organic insecticide is by using a spray method. These are easy to use on both indoor and outdoor plants such as flowers, vegetables, fruit trees, citrus, berries, ornamentals, nut trees, shrubs and all other plants found in the home, garden and in greenhouses.

Spray Widely

Use a soaking manner to apply organic insecticide. Always try to hit the insects directly, since insecticidal soap is a contact type of insecticide. It doesn't matter where on the plant you spray, as long as that section has insects visually present on it. Always spray both sides of the leaves. Soaking the entire plant is essential, as crawling bugs can come in contact with sprayed areas before evaporation happens.

When to Spray

Apply insecticidal soap for two to three weeks when insects are still present. Make sure to spray in the early morning or late evening hours to get the best - and longest lasting - application before sunlight causes evaporation.

Do Not Burn

Applied soap has no residual effect on insects. However, repeated application may have a harmful effect on plants, and insecticidal soap may cause a burning effect on some sensitive plants.

Always "test" an insecticidal soap on a pulled leaf from a plant to check how it affects it before applying full coverage.

114 - Insecticide.jpg

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