Humane Ways to Remove a Mole from Your Lawn

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Mole lawn traps may hurt and kill moles and other small creatures in your lawn. Although moles are annoying creatures and they leave a lot of holes in your yard, this is not an excuse to kill these creatures or hurt them for that matter. If you want to get rid of moles, you should do it in a humane way. Below are some tips on how to get rid of moles without hurting or killing them.

Plant Daffodils and Marigolds

Moles detest the smell of daffodils and marigold so you should use these flower bearing plants as hedges on your lawns and gardens. Although you cannot expect that moles will leave your entire yard or garden alone if you plant daffodils and marigolds, you can be sure that they will keep off the area near these plants. A bonus for planting these types of plants in your lawn or garden is that they will not only ward of the feisty moles, they can also make your lawn and garden look lovely.

Reduce the Amount of Water in Your Lawn or Garden

Moles dig holes in your yard and garden to find worms. When you water your yard or garden frequently, worms will rise near the surface of the moist soil, inviting the moles to come and hunt for them. To deter moles from destroying your garden or yard, reduce the amount of moisture in the soil. Put just enough water in your yard and garden for the plants to thrive. Instead of watering your yard or garden everyday, you may do so every two or three days.

Use Castor Oil

Moles cannot stand the smell of castor oil so you may want to use this oil to make your own mole repellant. To do this, mix 6 ounces of castor oil with 2 tablespoons of soap to create a mole repellant concentrate. You may apply the concentrate directly to your garden using a spray bottle or add the concentrate to the water you use on your plants. As a general rule, you need to mix one ounce of castor concentrate for every gallon of water. 

The smell of castor oil usually lingers in your garden for a day. To make sure that your lawn or garden is protected from moles, you must reapply your homemade mole repellant every two days. You should also reapply the repellant after it rains.

Put Cat Litter Inside the Mole Holes

If you want to drive the moles out of these holes, all you need to do its dump cat litter into these holes. Cats are natural predators of moles and these small creatures will literally run out of their holes when they smell cats. Dumping cat litter into the home of the moles is an effective method to send these little creatures scurrying away from your garden.

Install Vibrating Stakes Around your Lawn or Garden

Solar and battery operated vibrating stakes are good at scaring the moles away. If your homemade mole repellants do not work, you might want to invest money into these devices.

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