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Peck’s Farm Market West

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E3217 Hwy 14 & 60

Spring Green WI 53588


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2 Reviews:

5 stars On Dec 15, 2013: longlivethejeep wrote:

Unfortunate review from booget2002. I live in the area, growing up going to Pecks Farm Market. I now take my children. I have been going there for 25 years, hundreds of times, and never have had any contact with the owners or their employees, other than to buy our produce. The produce is genuinely the best within a very far distance. Pecks family owns and operates thousands of acreage, most of which has irrigation sprayers for our occasional droubt-like weather, producing consistent vegetables every year. The market itself has expanded drastically since I was a child. Started as produce and small farm/zoo with unusual animals for our area. It is now a wonderland of children's play areas, some of which you must pay for, some are free to play. They also do a fantastic job of seasonal/holiday themes: santa and his reindeer (actual reindeer/caribou), a corn maze in the fall (maze made into a 5 or so acre field of growing corn), haunted attractions (for halloween), etc. There are animals to feed, race tracks with pedal cars and tricycles, a life-size castle, a number of park-like play sets, separated areas for toddlers and older kids both within eyesight of picknick tables so different age kids can play separately while parents can still see them all, and of course good farm-grown produce from the fertile valleys of the driftless region.

No rating On Oct 05, 2012: booget2002 wrote:

The good news is they are not affiliated with Pecks East which is wonderful. I made my first visit to Pecks West today with my 4 and 3 year old. I was approached by the owners son and yelled at with no apologies. He forgot to close a section of the farm once a school left. Me and another family was not aware it was a closed area and Mike Peck approached. He admitted it was his fault and then treated us badly. I indicated we were leaving the area and he did not need to treat us this way in response he asked if I wanted me to have me treat me rude and screamed get out. I mean screamed infront of a 4 and 3 years old. This is not a place I would bring children. I discussed with other employees and their response was that we should not have entered an area that was closed. Again Mike admitted he did not close it. Additionally Pecks West is a glorified play ground. Pecks east is more the pumpkin farm you are looking for. I have never been treated this badly.

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