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Bowman's Garden Center

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315 Green St.

Portsmouth VA 23704

(757) 393-2070

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11 Reviews:

5 stars On Sep 28, 2009: SRayfield wrote:

A dream come true. Knowledgeable men with landscaping materials and home decor. I have searched many places as a native of the area to find trees and plants to create a landscape makeover. Paul knows all the right information about weather, sun and appropriate choices for this area!!! Rich has great taste in unique home decor. Great value, great choices, great fun. Adorable dog out for Cruella!

5 stars On Jun 27, 2009: 51629533 wrote:

I can't tell you a time that I have not gone into Bowman's and they treat you as if you are the only person that matters. They are very helpful, friendly, smart, caring...every suggestion they have ever give me was the right one....I hope they never go away!!!!!
On June 27th, 2009, 51629533 added the following: I forgot to mention...the flower arrangements are fantastic...I never get one that I don't get tons of compliments on...the Christmas Open House is great and the coffee/tea/lemonade, etc. and desserts are always available. My mom loves coming in her and being giving a rose for just because--------------

5 stars On Jun 19, 2009: susandw wrote:

I have been to Bowman's on several occasions - they are definately worth visiting if you are in Portsmouth. I also use them regularly to send flowers to my family in Portsmouth. The arrangements or live plants that arrive from Bowmans are not only beautiful, but always fresh and abundantly large for the amount of money that I spend! Great Work Guys!

5 stars On Mar 12, 2009: medlin wrote:

This is a great little shop that has our favorite product Clair Burke home fragrances! What a friendly staff! We enjoy shopping around and will come back. Can't wait to come back and get some lavender to plant.The best kept secret in Portsmouth... but we will share. P.Medlin Chesapeake,Va.

5 stars On Feb 23, 2009: buch from Warrenton, VA wrote:

at one of your location we was treated with most highly respect. thanks scott stf inc.

5 stars On Apr 04, 2008: ahinson wrote:

I absolutely love Bowman's Garden Center. Paul, Rich, Kathy and the staff are warm ,friendly and knowledgeable about gardening. I also feel like I am the most important person in the world whenever go to the store. Customer service is magnificent! Arlene, Aydia Cleopatra, and Goldie
On May 22nd, 2008, ahinson added the following: If you aren't use to the finer things in life-then Walmart, Target, the dollare store is for you! Arlene

5 stars On Mar 23, 2008: EllenzOpine wrote:

Bowman's has become a weekly experience! Paul and Rich are each equally accommodating and add a genteel element which is expected in the true Southern hospitality experience. I find prices to be within reason and, with an array of the unexpected, gems are prevelant for the particular buyer. This is a store which caters to the "tea-and-roses" connoisseur and is NOT for the gardener who isn't in the market for quality. Kudos, neighbors! I, for one, am hooked!

5 stars On Jan 24, 2008: skbranine wrote:

Bowman's is a fabulous, fabulous place. Creativity oozes out of that store! Customer service is wonderful--a very rare thing in Portsmouth!! I have the privilege to browse through Bowman's on occassion and can't wait for the next time! They are one of the best things about P-town!!!

5 stars On Dec 07, 2007: bowmansgardence from Portsmouth, VA wrote:

it is quite clear that the previous reviewer has not experianced the finer things in life and has poor taste the staff is always helpful and friendly if she wants walmart go for it although there are not alot of garden products in sight that dose not mean there are not any there bowmans prides itself on guest service and always has so do them a favor and shop at the places that fit you best wal mart maybe would be a good start go ahead and walk on in with your pic and pay shoes
On December 7th, 2007, bowmansgardence added the following: the below review is in reference to June 22 review.

4 stars On Nov 07, 2007: djerin wrote:

The store is beautiful and the customer service is great. It is not Lowe's or Home Depot. Prices are high in some cases but the quality and uniqueness can't be beat. I love going to browse and usually buy something that I have not seen anywhere else. Can't wait for the Christmas Open House.

1 star On Jun 22, 2007: flowe50 wrote:

Do not stock common products. Too high end. Gardeners need gardening products not elaborate design store with sky-high prices. The owner is friendly but his assistant (male) is arrogant and unfriendly.

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