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Cornelius Nurseries Inc. (on Dairy Ashford)

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1200 N. Dairy Ashford

Houston TX 77079

(281) 493-0550

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6 Reviews:

5 stars On May 13, 2012: bariolio from Houston, TX wrote:

I really enjoy wandering around and shopping at Cornelius on Dairy Ashford. The store is well organized, clean (as clean as you can keep a garden store, anyway!) and displays are beautifully arranged. Someone is always asking if you need help. Their plant guarantee is honored--I had 2 Buddleja that never did well and finally died. I brought them in and they replaced them with comparable plants. They have a large selection of soil amendments, organic and conventional gardening bug, fungus and other treatments and many plants, trees, shrubs, veggies, fruit trees, etc. to choose from. Usually nothing too exotic but a nice variety. I joined their Garden Club and receive coupons, daily specials and articles weekly. A far cry from "big box" shopping! Janet

4 stars On Mar 20, 2009: Houston_Gardner from Houston, TX wrote:

I've always been happy with the quality of plants and the excellent service I've received at Cornelius Nursery on Dairy Ashford. What is even better are the little perks that they offer. For example, Cornelius offered free soil sample testing. I took samples from both yard and garden to the Dairy Ashford store in Houston in late January and received test results back in late February. The Cornelius rep took time to explain the results and then recommended various products to improve both yard and garden. Clearly you can pay less at other nurseries that offer inferior products and zero assistance, but why do that when you are investing time and $$$ in your landscape.

3 stars On Nov 02, 2007: Cleopatra101 wrote:

I never cared about price since there guarantee was worth spending a little extra..What I am upset about is the floral dept. the woman who runs that area needs to take customer relations class's. I saw a item I wanted she informed me that she had one, which I had in my hands but the others where behind her which she closed off so she could decorate a tree for Christmas. I could come back...I had run in with her before on a Halloween item I wanted 8, but she would not put down her bow to look for the item's. You seem to bother her with your question, which is fine if she worked on her decorating, when customer where not in the store.When she heard I was going to another store she finally brought the items to me to buy.. Crazy Woman who need to take something!!!!

3 stars On Jan 16, 2007: vossner from Richmond, TX wrote:

I like the plant selection, staff is friendly, helpful and informed but I'm rating it good because it is a bit pricey IMO. If I happen to be in the area, I am always happy to stop at this nursery.

3 stars On Jan 06, 2007: dmj1218 from west Houston, TX wrote:

They have good quality plants but usually not very unusual plants. Their service is good and prices are comparable to other quality nurseries.

4 stars On Dec 06, 2006: plantladyhou from Katy, TX wrote:

These nurseries are a great place to shop but you might want to limit your purchases if $$ are a priority. You get great service, personal attention and the plants are always guaranteed and in great condition. The only reason I gave it just 4 stars is because of the prices. Ann

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