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Covington's Nursery and Landscape

3 stars Write a Review

5518 Liberty Grove

Rowlett TX 75089

(972) 475-5888

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5 Reviews:

5 stars On Sep 05, 2016: Tapestry6 wrote:

I bought a 30 gallon red oak from them recently since we had no trees at the home we just bought. It was planted in record time. I bought the tree in the clearance area, at bargain prices and the quality is better than you can get at the home and garden stores in town. I love their gift items too, so I am not wandering looking for the best quality its right there at Covington.

No rating On Oct 31, 2014: gwarzyk1 wrote:

It’s that time of year again. Yes I am talking about planting season. Since it is planting season I am going to tell you about the best nursery in the state of Texas called Covington’s Nursery. Covington’s is located off of 66 and George Bush Highway and has been there for over 40 years. It is 18 acres long, with over 50 hardworking employees and holds thousands of trees, flowers, and shrubs. Covington’s Nursery also has a whole sales office that deals with big time companies and other out of state nurseries as well as residential homes. Covington’s is different compared to other nurseries in the fact that they hold many different varieties of plants and trees. For example most nurseries’ like Calloways order their pansy’s but Covington’s grows their own. Another way Covington’s is different is if a customer prefers a certain variety that they do not carry or is out of stock, Covington’s can special order the item and have it delivered in a week’s time. Covington’s feels very strong about helping out the community and letting them know that without them their business would not be where it is today. So to give back to them they hold an annual fall festival that is open to the public and they hold planting classes on the weekends. Covington’s also provides many different landscaping options like tree and plant installation, sprinkler and drip irrigation installation, and landscaping designs. Covington’s is a national recognized nursery and is ranked as one of the top in the state of Texas. People come from as far as Fort Worth for the quality and variety. Even the famous plant expert Neil Sperry has shopped at Covington’s. Customer service is strongly emphasized to its employees and it shows by how the customers continue to come back year after year.

3 stars On Mar 22, 2009: texasGman from Parker, TX wrote:

Awesome plant selections. If you are into packing a lunch and exploring a seemingly endless property with all sorts of plants, this is the spot. They have trees of any size, a great selection of plants and plant sizes and fountains. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. OK, that's the good. The bad is the price. Covingtons appears to focus on plants that will provide instant beauty and the plants are priced accordingly. If you like good prices on smaller plants, Covingtons is not the place for you. If you want to find the perfect instant beauty plant, or need lots of help in your selection and price is no object, then Covingtons is your spot. I recommend checking these guys out and making your own conclusion. I shop here at least 3 times a year. I rate them high on customer service and knowledge, high on plant selection and quality, and poor on price. Worth the trip.

2 stars On Apr 10, 2008: mamajack from Fate, TX wrote:

this is a large nursery whose main interest is in landscaping. but for plant collectors it is somewhat boring as i find covington's to have the same general type of plants that can be found at home depot or lowe's.

3 stars On Apr 07, 2008: trunnels from Plano, TX wrote:

Covington's has a great reputation as a landscape designer and you can always get professional help to garden questions. There selection of trees is better than some.

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