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Cold Creek Nurseries

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398 Hitchcock Parkway

Aiken SC 29801


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7 Reviews:

1 star On Dec 07, 2009: prvteyenorm wrote:

I will continue to shop at the Cold Creek Nursery in Aiken, SC despite the horrendous, pitiful lack of customer service, not too mention utterly horrendous, poor business practice by a salesperson. I was at the checkout where I purchased a number of Christmas items, I has asked the saleswoman (an older woman perhaps 60ish)if they were going to have a Christmas sale on the ornaments after Christmas, not an odd or out of line question and her reply to me besides being very rude and snide was "Why are you asking me that question today?" I then replied "because I would like to know." She then again rather nastily stated, "well, I don't know if I'll have anything left." I said Well if you do, are you going to have a sale? She begrudgingly (could tell by her tone) finally said "yes." Then she walked out from behind the counter and another girl took over my sale and as she was walking away, she loudly proclaimed "Well, I don't know about you but I happen to pay full price for everything I buy and I'M PROUD OF IT." I then said, "Well Good for you, I happen to be a struggling single mom." Unbelievable, I was too upset to get her name but I wish I had, I am however telling everyone I know about my experience and in the future, though I will not judge an entire store by this one judgmental fool, I do wish I had gotten her name and made a complaint to the owner, with a saleswoman like that behind the counter, it's amazing the place is still even in business, or perhaps I just did not look like I had enough money to her. I wonder if this woman is a regular church goer? If she is, she may want to try her hand at listening to the preacher.

5 stars On Oct 29, 2009: tutta wrote:

Always a pleasure to shop at Cold Creek Nursery. We have discovered several unusual plants that add diversity to our garden and continue to provide pleasure at bloom time each year. We are presently searching for Jerusalem Artichokes and have been unsuccessful thus far. In the past your representatives have been helpful in helping us find information, etc. regarding certain plants and hopefully will be able to help us this time. Thanks for the wonderful service you provvide to the CSRA.
On October 29th, 2009, tutta added the following: Service and product exceptional!
On October 29th, 2009, tutta added the following:
On October 29th, 2009, tutta added the following:

5 stars On May 24, 2008: soilplay from Aiken, SC wrote:

I love Cold Creek, I am particularly impressed with the ladies in the sales greenhouse, they are so bubbly, knowledgeable and gracious in all they do for customers, I find it unimaginable that anyone would feel rushed by Cold Creek employees or that they are rude, as the post before me implied, (sour grapes mayhap?) I have been a customer since the early 80's and have been treated at all times with a the same kindness with which I treat the staff. If you are a reader of these posts deciding whether to visit Cold Creek please don't take the word of someone who it seems has a personal issue with someone "in the back" at Cold Creek, judge for yourself and Happy Plant Hunting.

4 stars On Apr 03, 2008: Shir wrote:

I frequently visit Cold Creek Nursery. I love the selection they have there. The staff on the lot and store are great, they are so friendly, but lately I have not been impressed with the ladies working the back. I have found a few of them to be rude, and sometimes feel as if I am being rushed. They do not seem to want to help with selections.I do wish they would bring back the ladies that used to work there, they always had a smile and willing to help. I will continue to shop the store and the shrub area, but think I will avoid purchasing from the back area.

5 stars On Jan 07, 2008: MistyPetals from North Augusta, SC wrote:

I visit Cold Creek Garden Center every opportunity that presents. I enjoy the selection of plants available and the customer service is second to none. One of the reasons I became as serious about gardening as I have become is their willngness to work with the novice gardener. The staff at Cold Creek has turned my interest into a passion and I appreciate the enthusiastic professionalism they bring to gardening. Further, I trust their plants because while the heat/drought conditions in South Carolina can spell disaster in a garden, Cold Creeks plants are able to withstand the stress very well. I also have found, to my delight, the myriad soil amendments, fertilizers, and other garden must-haves to be fairly priced at Cold Creek Nursery.

5 stars On Oct 16, 2007: Elvin wrote:

We love the garden center and knowledgable staff on the front lot and in the greenhouse. Sometimes the plants seem to have higher prices but they are worth it because they are of such high quality and so healthy. We have also used their landscape design department and they have excellent designers and installation crew. Their work is always beautifully done.

3 stars On Mar 22, 2007: alicewho from North Augusta, SC wrote:

Nice selections but prices tend to be a little steep.

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