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Brick's Garden Center

2 stars Write a Review

1200 S Westend Blvd

Quakertown PA 18951


2 Reviews:

1 star On Jan 05, 2013: and_t wrote:

I wish I would have seen a review before I went to Brick's because they have very poor service. I would absolutely NOT recommend this business. I had to return a christmas lawn ornament that broke (it didn't even last 2 weeks let alone 2 years!) and I was treated terribly. I was told by the owner himself that I was dumb and couldn't read the "no return" policy sign. I wasn't even asking for my money back, but for store credit. They had no regard for my business and didn't care they were losing a customer. They sell horribly cheap and OVERPRICED products with no customer service. Go to Lowes or Home depot.

2 stars On Jun 07, 2011: flutistgardener from Perkasie, PA wrote:

Parking is... an interesting experience. They have all the staples you need for an annual garden, and some selection of perennials, but not at a price worth making a special trip for. They carry seasonal outdoor directions and have an indoor garden decoration center, although most of these garden decorations are the low quality kind that will not last for more than 2 years.

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