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Dundee Gardens

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2407 Sans Souci Pkwy.

Hanover Township PA 18706

(570) 735-5452

2 Reviews:

1 star On Feb 18, 2011: Gardening_fool wrote:

Dundee Gardens was once a very exciting local business. Over the past several years it appears to have deteriorated, the building and premises as well as the quality of their products. It may be because they used to grow their own plants and now they just buy them from a wholesaler in a lot of cases. The prices are outrageous and there are better local options for landscape and outdoor products.

5 stars On Oct 06, 2007: Hemhostaholic from Scranton, PA wrote:

The staff at Dundee are always curteous and knowledgable about their plants, and plant materials. I do not feel, in my humble opinion, that anyplace else in either Lackawanna nor Luzerne county, is there a garden center that can boast to having more varieties of annuals than Dundee's! There is no other place, this is not an opinion, but a mere observation. Most nurseries do not carry trailing coleus(solenestenum), not only do Dundee's carry them, they have/had about 5 different varieties! There trees and shrubs are very nice, as are there perennials. What sets Dundee apart from other nurseries is the different size pots...let me explain...most nurseries if you want to by, let's say Dianthus, you need to get the 1/2 gallon, or 1 gal size, Dundees will offer the larger sizes, along with the 3 1/2" pots as well...not many other places offer this...for the bargain shopper, and more patient gardener, this is a huge PLUS. Highly recommended.

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