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Ferguson's Fragrant Nursery

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21763 French Prairie Road

St. Paul OR 97137


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4 Reviews:

1 star On May 31, 2009: HRamato wrote:

In 2008 I ordered 3 shade baskets specifying plant contents and colors. The baskets were beautiful. This year, 2009, I prepaid for a repeat of the same shade baskets 5 months ago. The baskets were delivered today. They ignored the agreed upon specifications, they damaged one basket enroute, and the quality of the baskets and plants used (not what I wanted) is very poor. I telephoned the nursery tonight and an unidentified man offered me no remedy or recourse. I expect Ferguson's to take the baskets back and give me a refund. They put plants in the sun basket that cannot take the heat on a southern exposure, and the shade baskets are hodge podge of junk that does not include the plants I wanted. The DO advertise you can customize your baskets and specify the plants and colors desired. At $77. per basket I expect to get some value for my money.

2 stars On Sep 20, 2008: susybell from Vancouver, WA wrote:

I'm hoping that my visit was an anomaly, but I was not terribly impressed. All of the greenhouses were half-empty and in disarray, whle their prices were noticably higher than other good local nurseries. The display gardens were nice but heavily dependent on annuals, giving a feeling of being a little over the top or of a woman in gaudy makeup. The staff was preparing for an evening event and, despite it being a half-hour to closing, I felt that I was an imposition and they wanted to get me to buy something and leave as soon as possible. While they did provide suggestions, most of the suggested plants were the ones specifically excluded from the current sale lists-either too small or listed as not discounted. I ended up leaving without purchasing anything at all.

5 stars On Oct 15, 2007: rachierabbit from Olympia, WA wrote:

To put it simply, I adore this nursery! Whenever I go to Oregon I make it a point to spend time at Fergusons. They have a wonderful variety of plants a very knowledgable staff and an absolutely amazing display garden that keeps expanding! They also have two darling nursery kitties (Thumbs and Snoopy!)

5 stars On Dec 14, 2006: jamie68 from Vancouver, WA wrote:

A truly unique nursery with so many wonderful fragrant plants, and a display garden that is one-in-a-million!! I have been to this nursery dozens of times, and never come away without tons of great, hard to find plants, as well as lots of new ideas about how to group them and show them off from the ideas seen in the vast display garden! The roses this nursery sells are simply the best I have ever seen, and I grow over 80 roses from many, many different nurseries. If they have it I always get it from them, superb!! If you are ever in the Portland, Oregon area - you must find time to visit this wonderful nursery!!

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