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Stevens Bakery & Orchard

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7344 Thackery Rd.

Springfield OH 45502

(937) 788-2873

2 Reviews:

5 stars On Dec 24, 2009: tww wrote:

We bought Stevens Bakery and Orchard apple pie for Christmas at our local grocery store. It was one of the best pies we have ever eaten. As a matter of fact, we ate it all before Christmas!!! The pie was dense, not to sweet, not to sour and verrrryyyyy good. Will definately look for these pies again.

5 stars On Oct 04, 2009: familytime wrote:

We decided today to go to an Apple Orchard with our children, and we picked Steven's Bakery and Orchard. What a wonderful day!! The owner's of the business, Chris and Sharon Stevens, treat you as if you were part of their family. They have a variety of Apples to choose from, and the Orchard is spread over 25 acres of well groomed land. The ride thru the orchard was very scenic, and just very relaxing. While we were there, we met a couple who said they brought their granddaughter to the orchard to let the kids pick apples and have cupcakes. They said the kids had a blast. You can't help but sneak a bite of an apple while you are there. They are absolutely delicious! They of course have pre-picked apples if you don't have the time to enjoy a walk thru the orchard. Sharon bakes non stop in the Bakery. They have little samples of all of the pies they make so you can choose which one you like best. It is hard to walk away with just one pie because they are all so good! This would be the perfect place to order pies for Thanksgiving or Christmas. She said to just call a couple days in advance and she will have them ready for you. They had peach, apple, strawberry and pecan pies while I was there. They also have Apple Cider which doesn't last long because it is very popular. A gallon of Apple Cider was only $4. If you have a weekend where you are trying to think of something to do, please visit this establishment because we had a wonderful afternoon, and I am sure you will too.

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