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Olsen's Nursery & Greenhouses

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1900 New Scotland Road

Slingerlands NY 12159

(518) 475-9483

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No rating On May 31, 2014: Zane81 wrote:

I picked up 2 yards of top soil garden mix last week to make a tiered strawberry garden. I got home and filled up the garden. I had a 6x6 bottom tier followed by a 4x4 and then a 2x2. The bare root plants showed up yesterday and I went out to mix in some organic fertilizer before planting the bare root plants. As I mixed the top tier by hand I noticed there were termite workers in the soil. I verified they were termites and then called the store immediately. The woman I talked with said that The termites wouldnt have been able to travel in the dirt because it would be too hot. Then she said I would have seen them when I shoveled the dirt into the garden. Then she told me she didn't know, but that it didn't come from them. I explained that I have never had any termites and that if I did have them that it is impossible for them to travel to the garden and up through 18 inches of soil I bought from them and colonize in 1 week. I asked to talk with someone else and she said that she is the owner and that I can leave my name and number, but that she doesn't believe any one will call me back. Now I'm waiting for Monday morning to call the Cornell cooperative extension to try and figure out what I should be doing to get rid if them. I will NEVER shop at olsens again!

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