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Green Valley Nursery

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211 Saw Mill River Road

Hawthorne NY 10570

(914) 769-1201

1 Review:

5 stars On Feb 02, 2007: gabagoo from Yonkers, NY wrote:

For the past fifteen years, this is my favorite place to shop for my garden! It's always my first stop. They have over 15 greenhouses chock full of veggies, annuals and houseplants. There's a large selection of perennials, trees and shrubs as well. The prices are not bad but I usually end up spending a lot simply because the plants seem to just leap onto my cart! The plants are in pretty good condition & a good size. Many are sold in 4 cell packs, which works well for me. Sometimes the plants get a bit banged up, but on observation, it's due to inconsiderate customers rather than the nursery. Their employees do their best to keep everything up to par. There's also a nice selection of home & garden decor. I highly recommend this nursery. Even when crowded, the checkout is relatively painless. Just make sure you leave enough room in your car for you!

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