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5 stars On Jul 22, 2009: 505badgolfer from Albuquerque, NM wrote:

With the closing of the Albuquerque location of Bernardo Beach, this is my favorite xeric nursery in the Albuquerque metro area. Prices are considerably lower and selection is greater than the Albuquerque retail locations of High Country Gardens. Generally, there is at least one knowledgeable plant person on duty at all times. Plants of the Southwest also has the best seed catalogue in NM for xeric plants, shrubs and trees.

4 stars On Apr 21, 2009: jeff0452 from Rio Rancho, NM wrote:

I've purchased some great plants here, including a red yucca which is growing some new leaves this spring. A free guide to native desert plants was very useful, and I have spend much time perusing it. There were a few plants in the open areas which had withered and should have been removed. Generally speaking, though, seeing plants out in the sun gave me a better idea of which species could survive the harsh local weather. Unlike a previous reviewer, I did not find plant displays too crowded - maybe this is a matter of taste? Overall, a great resource for local gardeners, especially ones like myself who are learning to garden in the NM climate.

3 stars On Sep 01, 2008: eskarp from Albuquerque, NM wrote:

Plants of the Southwest is a great place for native seeds and a large selection of high plains grasses that you cannot get anywhere else. Their location is too sunny for many of the bedding and vegetable plants that they sell---stuff dries out and stunts. They need to put up much more effective shade cloths than they have in place now.

3 stars On May 17, 2007: minimoop from Albuquerque, NM wrote:

The parking isn't the best, the plants are too sheltered and not as hardy as Bernardo Beach, and are often too crowded. The need more check outs. Good place to buy mulch like pecan shells, and a good library of gardening books for the area. GREAT SEED SELECTIONS for native plants.

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