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Max is Back Inc. (on State Route 23)

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1425 State Route 23

Butler NJ 04705

(973) 838-1141

2 Reviews:

4 stars On Jul 25, 2016: Loretta_NJ from Pequannock, NJ wrote:


1 star On Sep 14, 2014: Mrdavepapa wrote:

Gardening is one of my passions. The other is treating ppl with kindness and respect. The owner of Maxx is Back does not share the latter. Ppl deserve to know where their money is going. This man is arrogant and with a great location will do well despite no appreciation. I spend 2k a year there and that couldn't get me 5 dead mums replaced at the Original Sale price when purchased a week earlier and they all died! I didn't even ask for them to be replaced free of charge! Unreal. What's worse is he tells me, I am very successful and very busy. This man doesn't deserve your money and you deserve better quality. This is the character of the owner. Fortunately he has some hard working good ppl there to make sales. And to make him rich.

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