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B & B Greenhouses

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4200 S. 1st St.

Lincoln NE 68502

(402) 423-8482

3 Reviews:

No rating On May 08, 2016: dlbowen66 from Lincoln, NE wrote:

Our business is closed. We have repeatedly told Google that we are closed. Thank you to all of our customers.

4 stars On Jul 06, 2007: Cybrczch from Lincoln, NE wrote:

They carry a large selection of annuals and perennials, and always putting out fresh annual stock during the spring planting season.

5 stars On May 23, 2007: McGlory from Southeast, NE wrote:

I love this place for annuals and perennials. They aren't the cheapest, neither are they most expensive. There is no office building or "store," they simply have a lot of greenhouses and a canopy where you can shop outdoors. They sell a little mulch, some topsoil, etc., but mostly be prepared to look at annuals and some perennials. B & B provides all the annuals for Lincoln's Sunken Gardens, a public garden that's stunning every year. I'd highly recommend this nursery.

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