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Lanoha Nursery

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1911 W. Center Rd.

Omaha NE 68130

(402) 289-4103

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3 Reviews:

1 star On Feb 25, 2009: ral7 wrote:

Company does not follow through with customer complaints. We purchased eleven trees from them in 2008. They took a month and several phone calls to finally get them out to plant them. Two came too dead to survive the drive out to the land. All were taken out on an open truck with no protection. When they put them in the ground many large limbs were damaged. The limbs were not trimmed off. Within one month two of the spruce trees were almost completely brown. I've had Christmas trees last longer than this. The Company refused to come back and replant healthy trees and guarantee them for another two years. As of this writing I am looking out my back yard and see at least six of the ten trees did not survive the winter. I wrote two letters, one replied without satisfaction. The next letter I never did get a reply. It's been a very aggravating experience. I would have gotten better results if I purchased the trees from a discount store and planted them myself.

2 stars On Jun 25, 2008: dacarroll wrote:

I am waiting for a reply from Mike Fink of Lanoha Nurseries regarding a landscape I had put in for my daughter that lives in Omaha. The landscape was put in last summer of 07. More then 8 plants and a tree did not come up or bud. I had called the nursery and had three different answers from three different people regarding the warranty. One person said 30 days and one said 60 days and the other was not sure. Are these people not trained that work their. When a person spends thousands on a landscape and half of it dies do they just say to bad you must've had a bad winter. I don't believe this as I live in Michigan and we have severe winters and I don't lose my plants. I was their in May and checked their plants and prices, I was not impressed. We went down to Wal-Mart and Lowes and found nicer plants and better prices. At least they stand behind their products for a year.

3 stars On May 30, 2007: klalor from Papillion, NE wrote:

I go to Lanoha's at least once during the season. However, their plants are just average compared to other local nurseries as well as some of the big box stores. I went shopping for roses and most were not healthy looking plants. On my most recent trip during the week, it was hard to find an employee to answer questions. Their annuals and perennials are pretty well taken care of.

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