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Sundance Feed & Seed

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4155 E Hwy 30

Grand Island NE 68801


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2 Reviews:

1 star On Mar 11, 2009: steve101 from Hazard, NE wrote:

Ordered a variety of trees and shrubs in early spring from Sundance and provided them a $135 deposit, and was told they would call me in early May when the shipment arrived. After finally tracking down the saleman who wouldn't return my calls and emails in mid-May, I was told they couldn't get what I ordered. Then had to make a trip there to get my desosit back. Will never do business with them again.

1 star On Jun 17, 2008: annshaus from Central City, NE wrote:

When Sundance first opened, their range of gardening/ landscaping/pond products and nursery stock were excellent. In the last two years, quality has seriously declined. If you need pond products, they're a good place to try, and seem to have the best stock available for ponds in GI. If you're looking for plants, trees, mulch or gardening products, pass them by and drive the extra miles to Greenscape. I haven't purchased garden product or stock from Sundance, based on observation of the problems... 1. Mulch full of weed seed and rocks, 2. White fly infestation in the greenhouse 3.Root rot and damping off in bedding plants, 4. black spot on roses. 6. dead branches on trees...etc etc. It seems their main problem is poor maintenance through ignorance and over-watering.

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