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Campbell's Nurseries and Garden Centers (on 40th St.)

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2342 So. 40th Street

Lincoln NE 68506

(402) 483-7891

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2 Reviews:

5 stars On Jul 30, 2007: sunnytop56 from Lincoln, NE wrote:

I purchased perennials and evergreen trees. All 12 of the evergreens died due to the neighbors overwatering running onto them and drowning them out. They were trees that don't like wet feet. They replaced every one of them without hesitation. The perennials grew like weeds. I don't buy common annuals from them however because they are cheaper other places. They seem very knowledgable about plant growth and what works where.

3 stars On May 29, 2007: McGlory from Southeast, NE wrote:

They have excellent trees, shrubs, and tropicals. I have not purchased perennials or annuals from them because they are cheaper elsewhere for the same item. Don't let them know if you are thinking of purchasing by mail order. I was told, "you don't really know if it will grow for you if it wasn't grown here," yet they will sell roses and other expensive items not hardy in this area. This is more a high-end store with its large selection of ornaments and "garden party" items. They abide by their 1-year guarantee on trees.

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