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5 stars On Sep 07, 2009: DaylilySLP from Dearborn Heights, MI wrote:

Tellys is great! I drive over 30 miles at least 4 times a year to go here. The staff are all friendly and if they don't know something, they will ask and find out. They are sometimes, a little too helpful. I just tell them, I will ask if I need them. They have some different plants you will not find anywhere else. Sandy

5 stars On Jul 02, 2008: woodsredhead wrote:

I have been shopping at Telly's for several years now and even though I could go to three other nursery's (one of them English Gardens) that are much closer - I now go to Telly's almost exclusively. The $2.00 perennials are without question the best deal in town. I have removed almost all of my front lawn and replaced it with gardens and could not have done so without Telly's $2.00 perennials. Losing a perennial that just didn't make it in the spot I picked because the soil wasn't quite right, or there was a bit too much or too little sun was really depressing when I was paying $7.99 to $21.99 (and up) for the plant. At $2.00 - if I screw up - I'm over it. The year after planting those inexpensive little gems - they are big and beautiful and would go for the high price I used to pay. And while I'm talking about prices - the annual flat prices were equal to the flat prices at Home Depot and lower than at any other nursery. Trees and shrubs - which I buy one or two of yearly are considerably cheaper at Telly's. The staff at Telly's is very knowledgeable and helpful but if you don't want help - simply tell them you just are looking around. The woman who made the remark about "not everyone needing a perennials for dummies" book - I have never found anyone at Telly's to be overbearing or trying to "sell" me anything. I think this is the best nursery in town if what you want is plants. If you want statues, yard art, planters, patio furniture - then you'll need to go elsewhere.

5 stars On Mar 11, 2008: crazypots from Allen Park, MI wrote:

I've been going to Telly's for years and overall have had a very positive experience. If I want the unusual and hard to find plants, I go to Telly's. Prices are on the high side, but Telly's has plants, both tender and perennial, I can't find anywhere else. I travel all over the country and visit nursery and garden centers everywhere I go. This is one of the best. However, this is not the place I go to buy flats of annuals, unless I'm looking for something special. I love the vast selection of perennials and experimenting with tender plants I don't normally find. My experience with live plants from most of the mail order houses is high cost and very small plants. Here I can see and select what I want, getting more value for my money. Spring of 2007 was very cold and out of the norm. Judging Telly's negatively from one so-so experience is a mistake.

2 stars On May 13, 2007: Lanagirl wrote:

I visited Tellys the beginning of May and I was disappointed with their perennials. I don't know if it was because of the beginning of the season, but the perennials looked what I call (trashed), leaves browned, withered, pots filled with moss, and the gallon plants were only a couple of inches high. Looks like they keep all their perennials outside, no shelter, maybe that is the problem. I did not buy a single perennial. In the good side, when I went inside to where the annuals were, I found many unusual varieties for sale which I found were in much better condition. A new trailing coleus and a fuschia with lime green leaves with dark pink/red veins. Not sure what color the flowers are, it was not posted. I found it annoying that while I was browsing the perennials, an employee kept telling me what the names of the plants were. Not all of us need "perennials for dummies". I did not ask for her help other than to ask if Telly's carried the new variety of cone flower "Green Envy" for 2007. (They did not carry it.)

4 stars On Jan 05, 2007: Kristi_L from Kalamazoo, MI wrote:

We went to this nursery last summer for the first time. One of the things I liked about it was the small pots of perrenials--more plants for less money. Plants are well cared for and staff is very nice.

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