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5 stars On Aug 03, 2009: WigglyPaw from Hastings, MI wrote:

I have been lusting to go here since 1998. We almost made it once, but had our pup with us, and couldn't leave her in the car. It was well worth the wait. In the interim, many of their lovely specimens have grown either larger, wider,lusher,healthier and more unusual. Thank goodness for their records, they know where they have a certain tree, and we made a trip via golf cart, it had to be about a quarter mile through planted forests, and 8 foot high tensile deer fences and gates, to find a little Full Moon Maple. I was thinking about buying a recommended Korean Mountain Ash (I had one one time in Battle Creek house), but their tree was about 20 feet tall, and we don't have the equipment needed to dig and plant that one. So, Wavecrest is able to supply the large landscaping needs of everyone from estates to businesses to small homes with a hankering for a lovely well grown on, named plant. The grounds are lovely. The raised beds are a bit tight to walk through, I hit my ankle and tripped over a corner following the eager sales help around to view larger Rhoadies. The fountains are unusual, and all working prettily and set in glade type settings and hidden amongst tall pretty foliage. There is an artful surprise around every corner. I found trying to find a plant dautings, therefore I had to rely on the sales help to track down specific plants. But, when you are at this level of plant varieties and size, it is a absolute pleasure to have them arranged as if in a botanical garden and not just plopped down in jail house rows with numbers. I very much enjoyed the conifers specimans. They were well over 20 feet high and wide, and each one that I loved was more weeping than the next. I disagree with M.Dirr on having more than 2 is a embarrassment in the garden. It being the beginning of August and Michigan, most of the plants so to speak were gone. I tried in vain to find a large growing rhoadie like a Lees or a roseum, but was told they had a "run" on them. Incredible. I have discovered, in Michigan, you have to HURRY up and do things, or buy things, because they will be ALL GONE the next time. There are definate buying seasons here, and opening day at the garden centers are like New Years Eve at Times Square. Hey, after 40 feet of snow and 60mph blizzards for eight months, I also am crazy to get a plant into the ground and smell the dirt. So, all the garden centers gear up for the big day, and watch out. After that, its all sales and picked over merchandise, although WaveCrest's picked over merchandise is a typical garden centers fantasy collection. Take the time to come here and speak with the folks. They are knowledgable, friendly, work very hard and present a gorgeous product showpiece. Unlike Meijers Gardens who charge an arm and a leg to get in to see some begonias, this is free and on the level of a horticulturists dream garden on an international level.

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