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That Bloomin' Place

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1110 Washington St.

East Weymouth MA 02189

(781) 337-1086

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3 Reviews:

5 stars On Aug 18, 2012: Lizzywal2479 wrote:

Unfortunately some people can't admit when they do something wrong and want to put the blame on someone else. Poinsettia's are one of the most sensitive plants especially in this climate. Having worked with poinsettias for 10 years, there is no reson that plant was in that condition unless left in the cold. Unfortunately the sign clearly stated our policy and there was nothing we could do for this woman and she was only embarrassing herself by making a scene overa mere $10. Unbelievable....She was holding up the line and being unreasonable we offered to change it she was belligerent. She continued to make a scene and harrass other customers too, I couldn't believe it, I was embarrassed for her! She stood in the parking lot yelling at our customers not to shop here, like a 2 yr old, finally we asked her to leave the premises or she would be trespassing and we would call the police. I couldn't imagine wasting my time and embarrassing myself over $10.

No rating On Jun 02, 2012: twiggsmom wrote:

I bought $200 worth of plants at the blooming place Monday for cash...I have bought plants there for many years and never had a problem. A $25 hanging basket withered and died within three days. I attempted to return/exchange but was unable to locate the receipt. the young woman who waited on me was the same woman I bought the plants from...she said no receipt no return or exchange. I asked to speak to the manager and Jeff, the owner, came over. Before I could finish my first sentence he yelled at me calling me stupid for not being able to read the return policy among other things. a small crowd gathered and he finished by telling me to get the hell off his property. He is a bully. I doubt he would have treated a man in that manner. Someday he'll yell at the wrong person. When I left several people in the group left with me without making their purchases.

1 star On Dec 14, 2009: robbery wrote:

I bought a $10 poinsetta..drove it in a heated car 1/2 a gift..opened it from paper to find it very droopy..embarrased for the poor gift I took it back to the blooming place the next day with receipt to exchange..well ELIZABETH was very rude to me and said no returns and ignored me to help other customers..I said I haven't been helped yet..can I speak to owner..NO was the response and I was asked to leave or she would call the POLICE..I was like are you kidding me and went on to tell every customer my dilema..they encouraged an exchange but no luck..I went outside to look for owner myself and found Jeffrey Smead to be just as rude as his help. He told me I killed it and no refunds..he said he would go out of business if he helped me..I said he had my money and I had no product..the whole ordeal was very upsetting..PLEASE do not give your business to these people..they do not stand behind any kind of customer service what so ever and they might even call the police if you are not satisfied with what you pay for.

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