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Mahoney's Garden Center

3 stars Write a Review

242 Cambridge Street

Winchester MA 01890

(781) 729-5900

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10 Reviews:

2 stars On Nov 25, 2009: rockgardner from Billerica, MA wrote:

While I've been to Mahoney's many times over many years, I go there less and less every year. The quality is ok, but their prices are very unreasonable. And when I do stop by I usually end out leaving without making a purchase. Just can't bring myself to pay their prices anymore. I used to buy their potting soil but I swore never again as it's so expensive, and I get such poor results with it. Seems it's mostly bark mulch. And while I think they have a nice selection of Christmas trees, maybe even the best, I think I will look elsewhere this year.

1 star On Nov 21, 2009: jamiejames26 wrote:

DO NOT BUY your Christmas products at Mahoney's Garden Center. Why you ask? If you buy a Christmas tree at Mahoney's you are buying into and supporting a company that lays off employees and then lies about it. My mother and I were laid off after 11 years of loyal service last January due to a "reduction in force." Tom Mahoney was quoted in an article in the Boston Globe on 11/19/09 saying "the company has not laid off anyone." This outright lie and I have proof. That is my two cents. You can pay 200% markup and support a company that lies about what they have done. Makes you wonder what else they are hiding. Perhaps some personal expenses paid on company accounts, while employees are taking pay cuts and being laid off. Maybe. I would say but I don't want to get deleted. If I were you, I would take my business to Home Depot, the Christmas tree shop, even the boy scouts before I would buy my family Christmas tree from liars. Please think of me and my family, just ask yourself , What kind of business practices am I condoning by buying here? Please just drive 2 seconds down the street next to the 99 restaurant and go to Mccues Garden Center!

2 stars On Nov 15, 2008: lisabetha from Winchester, MA wrote:

I was debating whether to give them one star, because I have had so many sour experiences with this company in recent years. This used to be my favorite place to go for plants. But that was many years least a good 25 years ago. They usually have a fair to good selection of shrubs and some trees. They have a pretty good perennial selection where I am bound to find what I am looking for most of the time. They usually offer a good selection of annuals, but prices are too high and I rarely end up buying any. I hate the fact that they have designed the property so that you have to walk all over the world to find what you need. If you just want to look at annuals, you have to walk all through the green house. If you want to get to perennials you have to go further past all the annuals. Always is the least convenient place to shop for plants for me. I have had very poor experiences with their greenhouse plants and the management is not very friendly with a return on the few occasions I have attempted it. I agree with other posters, the staff is just either non existent or are unhelpful. I would say the trees and shrub area is not as bad as perennials and annuals in which you can never find anyone to help even when you see people. This is my last resort when looking for plant material.

1 star On Oct 05, 2008: Ianplant wrote:

Shopped at the Winchester store many times. Plants are usually healthy and true to label. Sadly some of the staff need to be trained on how to interact professionally with customers. Common courtesies such as "Hello" or "Thank you" during paying for their products would be nice. Also their website lacks an e-mail link for customer satisfaction. After the attitude of today's cashier I would have definately contacted management. Utterly and needlesly rude.

4 stars On Mar 24, 2008: sedum37 from Westford, MA wrote:

Mahoney's Winchester sells a large variety of high quality annuals, perennials, shurbs, trees in season and indoor tropical plants year round. They have some of the nicest hanging annual baskets for sale. It is hard to beat their selection and quality of plants. In winter time it is nice to walk around in the large, pleasant greenhouses. They also sell a wide variety of garden tools, goods, containers, benches, bird feeding supplies, bulbs, seeds, planters, etc. The staffs' garden knowledge is sometimes lacking as others have noted but I find this is true of most garden centers. The prices are also not cheap so no bargains can be found here. Even at the end of season there are few markdowns.

4 stars On Sep 05, 2007: carlettac wrote:

Earlier this season I visited the East Falmouth store because I was looking for a chiminea and I heard that Mahoney's had some nice ones. I was so impressed with their selection that I even bought a fire pit as well!! I even got a free rain cover for both. I don't know what these people are complaining about. I had a wonderful experience and will definitely go back. I live closer to their location in Osterville but they don't have these. So if you're looking for a really nice chiminea, go to the East Falmouth Mahoney's and ask for Pam (she's the one that helped me). :-)

2 stars On May 06, 2007: whimsycat wrote:

Went to Mahoney's in Falmouth for the first time today. Nice outdoor nursery selection, still early for complete annual selection. A little on the pricey side. A couple workers asked if we needed help and were polite. We had planned on making a trip back later in the season until we got to the register... My sister had selected a perennial off the "sale" table. Obviously last year left overs that were now less than perfect. The one she selected had at one time a bright orange sale sticker indicating a sale item, that looks like it had rubbed off but the plant was still on the sale table. There was a $10 difference between sale and full price. The cashier argued that it was not on sale. My sister politely explained the situation and what seemed to be the front end supervisor "Cathy" came over and countered that it was probably on sale last year but it isnt on sale now. My sister countered again that it shouldnt have been on that table and explained also that there were others of similar or same variety on sale there. An outside person was called in and stated that it was probably on sale last year, but to give it to her for sale price. Great! Seemed fair enough as it was their mistake to have placed it wrong and have old tag visible. If they didnt budge, then no harm done, she just probably wouldnt have purchased it. Nobody was trying to scam a plant for sale price here. However as we were waiting for another of our party by the door "Cathy" and another man had come over and were inspecting this perennial that was in our cart. The manner in which this took place was very demeaning. No explaination to us that perhaps she was showing him to tell him to investigate outside, or otherwise. They were blocking our exit and actually knelt down discussing it at our cart. With a weak smile and blatant suspiciousness in their eyes they let us pass. We were made to feel like we had just ripped them off and she was mad that "we got our way" or something. If there was need to investigate the situation regarding this plant then a call should have been made on their radios to the nursery to check out this particular item situation after the customer was out of earshot. Very unprofessional manner, and that was the deciding factor to definitely NOT go back.

3 stars On Apr 30, 2007: juanwillis from Winchester, MA wrote:

Both of the previous reviews are right, imho. The staff is supremely unhelpful and undertrained compared to most other nurseries, but the perennial and shrub selection is impressively extensive. Thus a trip to Mahoney's is quite long as you don't need to ask any questions. I've found the perennial prices to be high compared to others in the area, though the shrubs are more competitive. One other point: many of the perennials are greenhouse-forced, so they're far too advanced for the season. For example, on a recent mid-April visit I found 3-foot Delphiniums about to bloom!

5 stars On Apr 01, 2007: OrchidEm from lexington, MA wrote:

I am an avid gardener, (new to the dave's garden site) who has been shopping at Mahoney's for years. I have shopped at all of their stores and have never had a better experience anywhere else. The staff is extremely knowledgeable, the selection is by far the best, and the quality/price can't be beat. I find it hard to believe that anyone could write a negative review of the place! I plan to buy my herbs and vegetables soon and I can't find the tomato selection anywhere else!

2 stars On Mar 29, 2007: Jax4ever from Boxford, MA wrote:

Mahoney's Winchester location is just out of control. The staff seem to be high school students. While there are plenty of them around, I found them laughing and talking to each other; in one of the greenhouses, I slipped on the wet floor and nearly fell. Two of the teenage girls who work there saw me, but continued their conversation about a party they had attended. Outdoors, another worker was watering, and did not stop the flow of the hose when I entered the area; I had to dodge the water! At NO TIME was I asked if I needed assistance. I also had to wait at the register. The girl who finally checked out my order seemed unfamiliar with the cash register and needed help. I suppose people visit there for the plant selection. Save yourself the trip; order hard-to-find plants on line.

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