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Linton's Garden Centre (Linton's Enchanted Gardens)

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315 County Road 17

Elkhart IN 46516


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19 Reviews:

5 stars On Jun 10, 2014: randymelissa wrote:

We just visited today and found that they have a Garden Café. This is such a great addition to the store. The food was Great!!!!We will be back.

5 stars On Jun 02, 2014: valeriedk wrote:

Linton's has the largest selection of plants in the area. There are beautiful Japanese Maples and Tricolor Beech. There are lots of plants for the shade. The staff is extremely helpful.

4 stars On Apr 19, 2014: birdy14 wrote:

We like to go to Linton's because they have a wonderful selection and their staff is knowledgeable. Sometimes we go just for fun to walk around the lovely property and so the kids can see the animals, eat popcorn and "talk" to the bird.

5 stars On Apr 07, 2014: franklind wrote:

take a walk through Lintons outside in the garden center and inside in the gift shop and you will be enchanted there's something for everyone here of all ages.Did I mention they have a petting zoo for the kids?

5 stars On Dec 22, 2013: Doodles74 wrote:

Great place to go during the winter months when you need a boost of green things. Love going to the conservatory and just walk around. PLUS they have a great gift center with lots and lots of scarves and jewelry!

No rating On Dec 16, 2013: sueelizabeths wrote:

My Husband went to Linton's to purchase our Christmas tree and a swag for the front door. The staff was extremely helpful and held our chosen merchandise for us while we continued to shop in the wonderful gift shop. We purchase several ornaments with a discount for buying two and getting the third for free. The experience was so delightful and the quality of the products are so very high.

No rating On Oct 09, 2013: laundalee wrote:

Had a terrible experience trying to return a very expensive tree that had died under warranty. Found out there that several other of the same trees had been returned with the same root disease.Was there 3 hours, paid more half again to get another tree, and was sold another tree that appeared to be dying of what appeared the same disease as the first one. I asked for my money and my credit back 20 minutes later when I noticed it had dead branches all over it. The manager said to me she could not in clear conscience sell me that tree after I had bought it. Was treated very poorly by 3 employees who kept arguing with me until the garden manager finally saw I was right in what they owed me back. They did finally refund the money for the poor tree they had JUST sold me, and finally after arguing for an hour admitted they still owed me a credit back for the first tree that died as well. I was there 3 hours and never did they apologize for how I was treated. I followed what the warranty had said, had no trouble with other trees I have bought other places, and had talked to their gardener before I returned the tree and did exactly what he had said to do. Won't be back again.

No rating On Jun 12, 2013: CR2746528 wrote:

I love all the fairy garden plants and accessories! They have everything to make your fantasy come true!

4 stars On Jun 02, 2013: LeeWilliam wrote:

Starting my Fairy Garden, great advice and materials found at Linton's. Staff were great, prices great, found both plants and Fairy Garden items like cottages, teeny tiny bridges, wheelbarrows, etc. All to entice the Fairies to Stop by. Long time customer, they have helped me develop my regular garden, now my new adventure. Always something new - both plant wise and in the gift shop. Always have to check out the new jewelry before I leave!

5 stars On Jun 02, 2013: eweaver wrote:

i have shopped at Lintons for years. I enjoy the fact that there is newand unusal plants there each year. Ellen Weaver

No rating On Jun 02, 2013: geranamo wrote:

The gift shop at Linton's has so much to offer and is so delightful to shop in. I enjoy exploring the various displays so creatively put together. There are so many ideas for gift giving and decorating.

5 stars On Jun 01, 2013: melissakeller from Simonton Lake, IN wrote:

What a great place to visit! My experience was so much fun! I found great gifts for great prices! A must see!

5 stars On May 28, 2013: Annie2127 wrote:

I can't believe the variety of plants that they have. It is the dream destination for every gardener! When you go check out the tropical plants as well!

5 stars On May 25, 2013: Dlou wrote:

What a selection!!! Something new everyday and many sale items. So many ideas plus suggestions from the customer service staff on what plants to choose. AND they helped loading! A must place to checkout. Well worth the drive.

5 stars On May 22, 2013: Lazeedazee74 from Elkhart, IN wrote:

The best place to find rare and unusual specimens. The garden center has a special UFO section where the new selections are showcased each year. Love this!

5 stars On May 17, 2013: Jackieweiss wrote:

The best garden center ever! Will be goin back here often. Great prices too

No rating On May 12, 2013: jamiejen3 wrote:

Went the first weekend of May. Even though they were super busy, the staff were very helpful. They have free popcorn while you walk around in the garden centre and a petting zoo for the kids. My wife enjoyed exploring the gift shop and said the prices were great. My favorite place was the secret garden where they have windchimes and unique garden items. The windchimes were made locally. When I mentioned how unique they were to a staff, they told me that many of the items are locally made. Good to see businesses support the local economy. BUT, the most amazing part was that a person was there just for the purpose of loading my stuff. WOW!

5 stars On Jul 22, 2012: plantlover3874 wrote:

I've always enjoyed my experiences with Linton's. I'm not what you would call a green thumb but they have a very friendly staff to answer my questions and offer suggestions on what types of plants to grow where, etc. Kids love it at Linton's - there are a lot of activities and things to see and do - I think they learn a lot from checking everything out - and have fun too. Many times I have found a great Christmas or birthday gift from the Linton's gift shop - they have a large selection of cool stuff at any price level. What I like best about Linton's is the selection they can offer with such a large location. Something for every preference and budget.

3 stars On Mar 09, 2007: crabbybill from South Bend, IN wrote:

Very much an upscale nursery - the Ginger Valley of Elkhart. It has many plants that you won't find anywhere else - $$$$ The only problem we've had - was an incident where an employee gave relatives of ours; who are just starting to garden, some poor advice just to sell them some plants they had. A common occurrence when you have to employ people who don't know much

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