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Hog Wallow Farm

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478 N 300 W Rd

Dana IN 47847

(765) 665-3532

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3 Reviews:

No rating On Sep 10, 2012: yongirl wrote:

I love Hog Wallow!!! I am only 12 and I know that my everyone in my big family (kids aged 2-21) love it!!! Yes I love the big black slides. Yeah you get splinters and a bumped butt, that's LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks for reading

1 star On Oct 05, 2009: illinicjs wrote:

Warning! The playground equipment is horrible and dangerous! Most is made of wood, and has many splinters when you use them with your hands. The slides are very, very slick and fast, and has no good landing spot. My daughter took my 2 1/2 old grandson down 2 of them. Both were very bad. One was so fast and my daughter and grandson landed on the ground very hard. My daughter was holding my grandson and he flew out og her hands because she landed on her backside so hard. Dangerous!

5 stars On Oct 01, 2008: gsleader wrote:

Great place visit, easy going (carefree?) atmosphere, lots of possibilities for the kids to do. The folks running the farm were very good to my daycare kids, and to my family on other visits as well.

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