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Hilger's Farm Market

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13210 US Hwy. 30 W

Fort Wayne IN 46818

(260) 625-3030

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4 Reviews:

1 star On Sep 24, 2009: JamBam from Fort Wayne, IN wrote:

The Hilgers are known far and wide for the restaurant and fall festival by the public. The media, merchants, dealers, distributors in the whole area know a different Hilgers. The ones that fail to pay their bills, take from people and claim they were spurned themselves. They are on a cash basis with nearly everyone they deal with. We rented a field to do JamBam's Corn maze and the second year they wanted more than triple the rent, failed to pay us for our share of school tours, claimed equipment and improvements we paid for and owe us a ton of money. John goes to church every day but can't remember how to make money or pay his bills and Joe worked his butt off in that market but they lost it all for some reason. hmm

5 stars On Sep 29, 2008: Joered from Fort Wayne, IN wrote:

We know and trust Hilger's as a safe place to buy Morels. We want them to be picky and are happy that they are.

5 stars On Sep 29, 2008: spiceguy from Fort Wayne, IN wrote:

I have been buying Morals from Joe Hilger at Hilgers Friendly Market for years and he sell nothing but the highest quality of Morals. Maybe your Morals were not to the standard that Hilgers customer have been used to for 30 years I am almost sure that nobody sells more Morals in Indiana than Hilgers. I wouldn't judge Hilgers on a guy who had one bad experience and who sells a few hundred pound of morals as to Joe who sells thousands of pounds, you should judge them for caring more for the customer who deserves nothing but the highest quality. Joe, if you read this, Keep up the good work!

1 star On Jun 22, 2008: globalexotics wrote:

Joe Hilger ordered 50 lbs of montana morels from me, I lost 75 lbs in the mail trying to fill his order. When I got an order through he refused to buy them saying they were bad because of the black on the edges.....Too bad the black was ash from the burn that they came from and they were totally fine. That was a week ago and I have sold what I can to the public with a great response. He then told me to make another order, I did and he had his little kid son call me and tell me he did not want them now. So thanks Joe I really had an extra 3000 to blow on you! And by the way customers the morels he sells you for 50-60 per lb he is only paying 20-30 per pound for.

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