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Meridian Nursery

4 stars Write a Review

7219 Cunningham

Rockford IL 61102

(815) 965-1239

1 Review:

4 stars On Apr 10, 2007: sstateham from Rockford, IL wrote:

Meridian is a nice family run place. I've been shopping there for several years. Rob, the owner, is nearly always there, and the other employees are fairly knowledgeable. Good selection of healthy trees and shrubs, and they always have a nice selection of healthy perennials. I have better luck with their plants surviving than those bought from the pricey garden centers in town. The only thing I wish they would do is better organize them. Finding something specific means wandering through all of the plants. (Which usually means I buy more than I needed, but maybe that's why they do that). I've never used their landscaping services, but friends have and were pleased.

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