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Blossom & Bloom Nursery

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14420 Birmingham Highway

Alpharetta GA 30004

(770) 772-5690

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5 Reviews:

5 stars On May 03, 2009: VickiC from Alpharetta, GA wrote:

We drove up to visit Perennial Grace across the street, who apparently is going out of business and was selling all stock at 50% off. They were highly recommended, but I was disappointed in the quality of their stock as well as their customer service. Decided to go across the street to Blossom and Bloom and was amazed at the difference. Well organized greenhouses, absolutely beautiful and healthy plants, and great prices for someone who is used to the Home Depot/Lowe's markup. The best part was the personalized customer service from one of the owners, a godsend for a beginner gardener like me. We only had credit cards but they told us just to mail them a check when we got home. We'll definitely be going back in the future.

5 stars On Apr 28, 2009: jd2800 from Atlanta, GA wrote:

They prepared the planters at the entrance to our business this year and last year. The planters looked like a florist display and held up to last summers' extreme heat. As well, they did the hanging baskets around our pool last summer and they were just as beautiful. I'm using them for all the planters and hanging baskets at my home this year. I would strongly recommend this company.

5 stars On Aug 03, 2008: smurph05 from Milton, GA wrote:

Blossom and Blooms is a great nursery! I also showed up expecting to pay with my debit card only to find out that they don't take debit or credit cards. They let me take my plants home and mail a check to them. I couldn't believe it, I kept asking if they were sure and apologizing profusely, glad to hear I am not the only one! This is the nursery where I buy all of my annuals, that is their specialty. The plants are large and healthy and very reasonably priced. They can be difficult to find because their sign does not stand out and it is easy to drive past them.

4 stars On Jun 13, 2008: b5274w wrote:

Please drop in again. I have patronized this nursery for years. They are family owned and operated by a wonderful couple! Their greenhouses are vintage. The draught has taken a toll on small nurseries like this. I always get personal attention here. They don't take credit cards, but allowed me to take my purchases home and mail them a check. How often does that happen?? The most healthy and vigorous annuals I have ever purchased have come from this nursery. They have been in business much longer than the competitor across the highway. They don't offer a wide variety of perennials or custom design service, but do specialize in herbs, annuals, and hanging baskets. And their prices in the past have been very reasonable. Do give them another try!

3 stars On May 30, 2008: 3gardeners from Mableton, GA wrote:

Low on product due to GA water restictions. Prices were comparable to others. I didn't get a great, happy feeling to be there, like I do at other small nurseries. Across from Perennial Grace so I'll drop in again, but I really didn't love it.

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