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Adams Farm

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1486 GA Hwy. 54W

Fayetteville GA 30214

(770) 461-9395

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2 Reviews:

2 stars On Jul 12, 2012: brewcrew08 wrote:

the Pros: Their Berries are always seem to be sweet when picked at the right time. They have a variety with Strawberries, Raspberries, Blackberries and Blueberries. Cons: They are not the friendliest people around. They act as if their farm is on Alcatraz and there are wardens walking the fields. God Forbid you taste a berry to see if what you are picking in 90 degree weather is actually sweet! My friend and I used to come pick all the time and never left spending less than $20 each. The last time we went, she tasted a blackberry to make sure they were sweet and she was seen by a guy to told her to "Git (not get, but git)! Git on up there and pay for what you have....go on now GAL!" We don't even attempt to bring our children there anymore. They get to have a nice friendly experience at other local farms within 10 minutes of this farm.

1 star On Jun 06, 2009: sus1000 wrote:

This farm is NOT kid-friendly. The staff is rude, unwelcoming, and unforgiving. Do not let the pictures on the website of people tasting berries in the field fool you. My two-year old, who cannot move around because he has a broken leg and is in a cast, ate a strawberry while we were in the fields. Rather than requesting that we pay extra, the staff rudely told us to leave the farm and followed us to the front while we payed for the berries we had already picked. I echo the sentiments that I have read from other visitors. We will certainly spread the word to people we know with and without children NOT to visit this farm and I hope that others will do the same. There are certainly other establishments more deserving of the business.

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