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Lukas Nursery & Garden Shop Inc.

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1909 Slavia Rd

Oviedo FL 32765

(407) 365-6163

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6 Reviews:

4 stars On May 12, 2009: AmberSunrise from Orlando, FL wrote:

I love Lukas its a very large nursery with a large selection. I have never had an issue with their customer service and when I have heavy bags of soil and mulch they always have someone help me, try getting someone at Home Depot do help you to the car!

1 star On Jan 24, 2009: Preeia wrote:

I called Lukas to get some information on trees. The sales rep I spoke with was not knowledgeable at all. She kept telling me to come in and look at their product. I was calling to find out if they had the type of fruit trees I was looking for. Then, she starts to get another call, and asks me to either come in or call back. The customer service is extremely poor. Lukas has not gained another customer! And their damage/return policy is TERRIBLE. Lowes/home depot offers 100% refund or product replacement is any matter. Lukas offers 50% off your next purchase if something happens for 2 years. That's just horrible! Why is this place even here? Horrible customer service and a return policy that makes no sense for the customer to boot!

3 stars On Aug 16, 2008: bowhows from Orlando, FL wrote:

A little pricey, but large and beautiful selection. I have found that the ladies that work there seem to be better listeners and not so patronizing. Might have just been an off day for the guys . . . every time I go.

5 stars On Oct 11, 2007: plantladylin wrote:

I love Lukas Nursery. I've only had the priviledge to visit a few times since it's not close to where I live, but they do have a great selection of plants. Love the Butterfly Garden they have set up too. I found the staff to be very helpful and knowledgeable about the plants they stock. I have purchased plants, garden signs, birdhouses, and stepping stones from Lukas. Always a pleasure to get to visit Lukas Nursery.

4 stars On Apr 26, 2007: AnaM149 from Casselberry, FL wrote:

I have visited there on many occasions. It is a good sized nursery with a good variety. Their butterfly garden is really neat and if I recall correctly, they charge $1 or so to enter it. I find that silly as you can see inside of it equally well from the outside. (It is not a fenced area) I have always had great results with the plants I buy from there. The staff is pretty knowledgeable and always willing to help. My only concerns are that some of the fruit trees they sell - apples, peaches - do not produce fruit in this area and that they can be quite expensive for some plants/trees. Otherwise a nice place to visit and get some deals on the generic plants.

3 stars On Apr 21, 2007: passiflora07 from Fern Park, FL wrote:

Pretty good size nursery with friendly staff. Not a great place for native plants. They aren't too knowledgable about what is native and what is not and also aren't too eco-friendly (they sell cypress mulch and promote pesticides and other chemicals). I like going here with my dog to get potting soil since its close by.

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