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Apenberry's Gardens

4 stars Write a Review

3443 Edgewater Drive

Orlando FL 32804

(407) 841-3088

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7 Reviews:

5 stars On Jul 19, 2009: WadeWest wrote:

Great slection and service. Eric and his staff are superb For years, everyone in Orlando, Winter Park, Maitland, Altamonte, College Park, etc. drove 25 miles east to that other nursery in Slavia/Oveido. No more. Now they come to Apemberry's!

2 stars On Feb 26, 2009: enzoranman wrote:

I grew up in college park a typical middle class neighborhood. I shopped at green garden and worked for that garden center many seasons. The family run business was terrific andsevice unmatched! The prices where 10% to 20% higher than box stores.When apenberrys took over the market and culture changed. All the wanna-be winter park and higher prices50% never last in college park. The "nose in the air" employees tried and failed in winter park, how can one expect the chef to serve when almost all regular customers and family will not spend that kind of money eating off that kind of menu.Even if the customers budget is higher. You can try to serve it in the 90's in Atlanta cities in georgia, but not in our home town feel of college park. Anyone tring to keep up with the "jones" family is shopping smart these days at "local"Home depot,Walmart,Lowes,Palmers ect. for less than half .And lets face it, products mostly from the same growers in S. Fl, who supply the box stores or outdoor furniture from target.the employees knowledge is fine for garden help, friendly also one year warrenty for the lack of detail in some cases. I started in box stores and then worked mom and pop also, its easy. We all know to shop smart no madder what color you display or who is selling .It's not rocket science!! see you on the parkway .

4 stars On Feb 06, 2009: candmdsg wrote:

I frequent all of the independent garden centers in the Orlando area, and by far the most helpful group is at Apenberrys. During my last visit, I was greeted by an employee and after stating my need, was taken all around the grounds to see not only what fit, but so many things I had never seen before. I was amazed by the variety, and how much they knew about the plants. They're very personable and you can't find that at the big box stores. Thanks!

2 stars On Jan 14, 2009: qu200 from Orlando, FL wrote:

Iíve been a customer of Apenberryís for several years but the time has come to move on as the prices have just gotten out of control. I donít mind paying for that very unusual special something, that never seen before plant/item (which is seldom seen here now.).But a 50% higher price tag for exactly the same item that the other garden centers have. Well, thatís just a complete rip off.

5 stars On Dec 28, 2008: janiebp wrote:

Apenberry's Gardens presents a unique experience offering both unusual plants, furniture and accessories for the garden enthusiast. Customer service is a number one priority from the experiences I have had. I recommend Apenberry's as a "must visit" garden center. Once you go, you'll visit again and again.

5 stars On May 02, 2008: rdaly333 from Orlando, FL wrote:

On my first visit to Appenberry I promised myself I was "just going to look". That promise was soon broken when I found some outstanding looking plants that I just had to have. The selection is broad and the quality is excellent. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. This is the kind of place that's worth the drive.

5 stars On Feb 19, 2008: jodiorchid from Ocoee, FL wrote:

I visit this garden center almost every week. They have a large selection of plants; all are beautiful and healthy. Fabulous rose section! The scent is unmatched! They also have pots, garden accessories, gardening tools, fertilizers, etc. The staff is knowledgeable and always very friendly and helpful. If I had to say something bad, I would have to say its that they close at 6:00. During the long days of summer, that's too early.

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