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Rogers Christmas Tree Farm

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6501 Jones Road

Jacksonville FL 32219

(904) 786-6709

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No rating On Nov 30, 2014: dinknjan wrote:

Rogers Christmas Tree Farm wiil never see my business again. This was the second time this woman was inexcusably rude! We have used this farm 4 times. The first 2 it was a fairly new farm so the trees were not very large. We decided to wait a few years to let them grow. We went 2 years ago and got there just before 5 pm (closing). We were told that she closes promptly at 5 so we could not get a tree at that time. Her " Young People" had to get home before dark. We left and went else where. This year because of a late day at work we did not have enough time to drive to Midland Georgia so we decided to give her another chance (everyone has a bad day). We arrived at 4:35 with my grand daughter excited about cutting down her tree! We pulled up and the woman met us at our truck. She told us she now closes at 4:30 (mind you it is 4:35) and we could not get a tree. She repeated the same story of 2 years prior! I told her we had come from Georgia, didn't care we could come back tomorrow! I told her no that wr would go elsewhere! My grand daughter was in tears because she looks forward to going to the farm to cut a fresh tree. We went to Seavers tree stand and got 2 lovely trees. She will not ever have my business AGAIN!!! She is the definition of Grinch.

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