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Top Tropicals

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47770 Bermont Rd

Punta Gorda FL 33982

(941) 575-6987

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3 Reviews:

1 star On Jun 14, 2011: SunDog6226 from Vero Beach, FL wrote:

I ordered 2 plants from Top Tropicals - a jatropha and a dwarf bougainvillea. I received them promptly and treated them as I do all my online plant purchases. I unpackaged, watered and placed on my porch in the shade. When I went to pot them 2 days after they arrived, they were both dried up and mostly leafless. I was quite shocked. I buy a lot online from all states and have never had this happen before. The bougainvillea was 2 tiny sticks and, a month later, is still the same. Probably dead. The jatropha lost all the tips of its branches and most of the leaves. It has since perked up a little and new leaves have started. It looks like it will make it. Top Tropicals prices are a little high but they offer rare varieties so I didn't mind the price if I got a healthy plant. The thing that really burns me is that Top Tropicals won't respond. I emailed them 2 days after I received my plants and a couple days later, sent photos. I followed that up with another email with the photos again, and NO RESPONSE. I only live across the state of Florida and the plants should have arrived in better shape. At the very least they could contact me. I will not buy from them again. Beware if you are thinking of buying from them. They do not stand behind their plants. No communication.

1 star On Dec 22, 2007: lnm1294 wrote:

Recieved a variegated rhapis palm. Leaves were cut and shreaded. Variegation was brown, not white. Company offered a 20% discount with next purchase---Ha.

3 stars On Sep 19, 2007: svplantingfool from South Venice, FL wrote:

I went to Top Tropicals earlier this year, just after they moved from Ft. Lauderdale. They had quite a selection of rare plants, but hadn't really gotten set up yet. Their website is great with beautiful pictures and tons of information. It is best to print a list of exactly what you want if you are able to drive there, it makes it easier to find things and you can stay focused. Prices were fair, and the selection was excellent. Paths weren't mulched back then, best to wear rubber boots!

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