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Trad's of Jacksonville, Inc.

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8178 San Jose Blvd

Jacksonville FL 32241

(904) 733-7549

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2 Reviews:

No rating On Sep 17, 2012: spikeypayton wrote:

Run from this company's lawn treatment services! My lawn is infected with insects, despite their assurances they are providing adequate services. And, after I complained and cancelled due to their violations of the contract, they threatened me with credit reporting if I didn't pay for their horrible service. Don't trust them. They don't do what they say they will. And their customer service department is useless. I could not even get regular copies of their service reports, to see what they were supposedly doing when they came out.

4 stars On Dec 09, 2006: margaran from (Maggie) Jacksonville, FL wrote:

I love Trads. The people are wonderfuly knowledgeable and helpful. They have a nice size selection of standard plants including ones they grow themselves and Monrovia. They will order what you want if they don't have it and their prices are very fair. They have basic nectar and host plants for butterfly gardens most of the time. They have a moderate-large selection of nice pots and fountains as well as other garden structure items. Good selection of basic tools and other gardening gear. This is always my first stop for plants.

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