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Blueberry Springs

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383 Wacissa Springs Road

Wacissa (Monticello) FL 32344

(850) 997-1238

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4 Reviews:

5 stars On Jun 03, 2014: kjbishop wrote:

I have been visiting Blueberry Springs for YEARS and it has always been a positive experience. I have also referred many friends to this u-pick farm. The owners have always directed me to where I can find the most berries and encourage people to taste from each tree to make sure the berry is the kind you like since there are several varieties. I can't wait for this year's crop!

5 stars On Nov 12, 2011: tanglethornfarm from Lloyd, FL wrote:

I've gone multiple times, and taken kids for a fun experience. Lots of delicious berries. The owners are friendly, good to the kids, and we've always had fun. Highly recommended.

5 stars On Mar 19, 2011: dfowens from Tallahassee, FL wrote:

My family, and friends have been picking berries at Blueberry Springs for over 10 years and we have always had a positive experience. We bring children and they have fun picking. The owners are friendly, courteous, and concerned for our safety (warning about ant beds, encouraging us to stay hydrated, etc.). I don't know what happened the day the previous person went, but I recommend you experience Blueberry Springs for yourself and make your own decision.

1 star On Jun 29, 2008: citizenrepublic wrote:

My wife and I went last year (2007). Good berries. We decided to take the kids (4, 8, and 14) this year (2008). They looked forward to it all weekend. We signed in, got jugs and rope, and set off. Unbeknownest to us, we picked from the wrong bushes. Mind you, there are no signs or directions. We were even picking next to other pickers. Turns out they were employees and did not feel obliged to tell us. We were accused of trespassing and not checking in (we signed in and picked up their jugs at the front tent). I thought he was kidding at first. The owner flew off the handle in front of the family, kids and all. HORRIBLE experience! These people are in the business of selling berries, not customer service or friendly attitude. The berries are ok, but go elsewhere for family fun and togetherness. We went from picking five gallons to picking only one. Wont go back again. Too many places to pick berries in this area to EVER go back to a place like this.

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