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Gecko Gardens Inc

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8900 Philips Hwy

Jacksonville FL 32256


7 Reviews:

3 stars On Feb 25, 2011: zingzang wrote:

I don't ever post comments to any site but have to comment on some of these reviews.I have worked for over 12 years in the nursery business.Big box stores and Mom and Pop. First of all....Credit on dead plants. The Big box stores have huge buying power and can return dead plants to the grower for full credit(which screws the grower)They also can increase prices in other areas to make up for loss. Secondly....the customer buys a tree,bush,whatever from a nursery.That plant has sat on the grower's property for weeks or even years.It looks great....It gets sold to the retail looks great.Why would you buy a crappy looking plant.You take it home and it dies..... You killed was fine until got home and got lazy with it. Would you return a puppy that you brought home and forgot to feed.....YES,you probably would. 99 percent of plant returns in the first 3 months are LACK OF WATER or IMPROPER PLANTING. I worked at HD for a few months and was sickened by material being returned by lazy homeowners who entered the store to proclaim..."you sold me a bad plant!" I don't work at Gecko...never been to Gecko....just moved to Jville and I happened to see the retail customers are just as stupid and lazy up here. Have a nice cluess day!!!

1 star On Nov 10, 2009: jdlee wrote:

My husband made a purchase of very large and expensive wind chimes for my BD. We live on a golf course, consequently these were not permitted to be placed in our yard. I attempted to return them only to be told that they could not be returned!! I even offered to pay a 10% restocking fee. Eventually, the manager said that I could apply for instore credit. Very bad service from an independent!!!! If this had been Lowes, Home Depot or an online purchase, a return would have been granted with no questions. So much for the "little guy" ...We have learned our lesson!!!...

1 star On Jun 26, 2009: yolo44 wrote:

I thought by going to a private nursery instead of a big box store and paying 30% to 40% more, I would get healthier plants with better followup support, if I were to have any problems. WRONG, although Gecho Nursery displays thier goods nicely the quality is terrible. Most of the plants that I purchased there had to be coaxed along just to survive. In one instance a potted New Guinea impatience plant that was displayed outdoors didn't even last (although watered)four days before it was toataly dead. That prompted me to return it to Gecho for replacement. After the extremely defensive young man behind the counter unsuccessfully tried to blame me for the plants early demise he cockily informed me that they do not gaurantee their plants at all I try to support our local small businesses it is very difficult when one doesn't at least ATTEMPT to meet it's competitions standards for Quality and Sevice. Goodbye Gecho --------Hello Home Depot. Daniel J Meyer

5 stars On Jul 19, 2008: GeckoGardens from Jacksonville, FL wrote:

Thank you, Sugarweed, for visiting us at Gecko Gardens. I would like to respond to your question about taking the tags off of our pots. The reason we do this is so that we keep our records as correct as possible. So that way, if you call and ask if we have any more "Duckfoot" coleus, we can give you an accurate answer by looking at our computer records. Next time you visit us, just request that we don't take the tags off, we would be happy to accomodate you. Thanks again.

3 stars On Jun 06, 2007: sugarweed from Taylor Creek, FL wrote:

This Nursery has many very pretty and unusual plants at fairly reasonable prices. However when you check-out there the cashier went to tearing the labels off. I stopped him after just 2, but whats the use of buying named coleus if the names are torn from the pots.

2 stars On Mar 03, 2007: annflorida from Orange Park, FL wrote:

They do have a large selection of items that are very expensive. Many of the perennials and container plants I've bought haven't done very well. Plants I've gotten from Tallahassee Nursery and Burpee have fared much better. I've never been able to get them to order anything for me - they've never seem interested when I brought it up and downplayed it. They also charge much higher rates to deliver items.

4 stars On Dec 09, 2006: margaran from (Maggie) Jacksonville, FL wrote:

Wide array of standard plants as well as many I haven't seen anywhere else. They will be happy to order what you want. They have milkweed for butterfly gardening when no one else does. Large selection of fountains and garden structure items including topiaries. Gecko Gardens also carries supplies like Praying mantids and Ladybugs in stock. The staff is knowledegeable and very helpful. The only downside of this place is that the prices are generally higher than other local nurseries. When I must have milkweed for caterpillers, this doesn't matter. Usually their stock is a bit nicer than the less expensive nurseries or they have something I can't get elsewhere without ordering it. They also have a huge selection of pots.

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