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The Garden

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155 Main St N

Woodbury CT 06798

(203) 266-4439

2 Reviews:

5 stars On Dec 12, 2007: Thebride wrote:

We love to shop at The Garden because it's just a wonderful shopping experience. It is our destination for the Christmas tree every year and the rest of our holiday accoutrements. The gift shop is beautifully displayed with unique gift items and the perfect place to pick up a token gift for someone special on our list! Hand made bows are done on the premises by a very talented gal and all who work there are a joy to deal with!! If you're particular and love beautiful things (like me) you'll love this place, too!

4 stars On May 31, 2007: natasha_cupcake from Woodbury, CT wrote:

Beautiful garden center with a huge selection of plants. Very nice quality with lots of variety. Prices a tad on the high side for some items, but not ridiculously so. Great place for browsing and planning. Beautiful gift shop and some nice statuary as well.

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