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First Fruit Organic Farms

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40565 O Road

Paonia CO 81428

(970) 527-6122

2 Reviews:

5 stars On Oct 08, 2009: earthmuncher wrote:

My wife and I have enjoyed many excellent Asian pears from this farm via the Boulder farmerís market. Thank you- we are delighted to have found your produce! The quality is superb and equal to what we have eaten in Taiwan and better then much of the other American grown pears we have had. We commend you in harvesting the pears at just the right time to catch the subtle juicy butterscotch after flavor we have come to love finding in your Hosui Asian pears. Thank you for your diligent land stewardship and orchard craft, itís been a great summer and we look forward to seeing you again in the coming year!

1 star On Dec 01, 2008: mr62536 wrote:

I purchased a 3lb bag of your apples, US #1, 2 1/4in diameter or larger, packed by Mesa Fruit at Hotchkiss, CO approximately a month ago. All apples looked good on outside and remained firm, approximately 80% of flesh was brown and unusable. I purchased at Natural Groceries on Leetsdale Dr., Denver, Co. Name was formerly Vitamin Cottage. The apples were stored in my refrigeator, humidity controlled veg/fruit drawer in the plastic bag they were packaged in. I no longer have the receipt.I thought you might like to know. My family and Ilove to visit the Hotchkiss/Paonia area and plan to keep supporting orchard fruit from that area. Mary Jo May

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