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Half Moon Bay Nursery

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11691 San Mateo Rd.

Half Moon Bay CA 94019

(650) 726-5392

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4 Reviews:

3 stars On Mar 25, 2008: Calif_Sue from Northern California, XX wrote:

I always enjoy stopping by and wandering around but the selection and prices aren't as good as they were in the past.

2 stars On Mar 16, 2007: Kell from Northern California, CA wrote:

Their customer service needs some work. I drop by whenever I am in Half Moon Bay but frankly this year I have found between their extremely high prices (example: I bought the same plant at HD for exactly half what this nursery was selling them for) and poor customer service, I might just start skipping them entirely.

5 stars On Feb 11, 2007: RuTemple from San Jose, CA wrote:

What Tonyjr said! These folks have a huge selection, and are great fun to browse. Half Moon Bay and its plant nurseries is worth the drive any time of year, even when (year two) the northern road Highway 1 is closed at the aptly named Devil's Slide, and you need to come around to Hwy 92 from the North or East.

5 stars On Feb 09, 2007: tonyjr from Union City, CA wrote:

Most of the time , they have a very large selection of about everything . Last year I got a SANGRIA - Inca Queen - 3 gallon pot - $20 , 3 years ago they had / I got a 5 gallon triple purple [ purple swirl ] for $22 . I have never gone and not bought anything . Always a large selection on Pelagrumiums , Scented Geraniums , Seeds , lots of Azaleas , fuchsias , Maples , Roses , 6 pacs of color , a green house area with orchids and other special plants . Plenty of wagons . Plan on an hour the first time you go . Most of the "help" know and will answer , look up or tell you where to find answers to your questions . There are 4 more nurseries within 2 miles of them . easy access but parking for only about 30 cars so weekend can be a hassle . They charge more than Home Depot or Lowes like 1.19 = 1.29 with them but plants are generally in better shape .

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