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Wolfe Ranch

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700 Creek Road

Brentwood CA 94513

(925) 634-1308

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1 Review:

1 star On Jun 09, 2008: chunghorse wrote:

People at the Wolfe Ranch are rude, mean and discriminative. In particular, a woman there, probably she's the owner, she's just hostile. Apparently, wolfe owns more than one orchard in Brentwood, just along concord avenue. I've been unfortunate to have visited 2 of their orchard, one last year and One just yesterday. Yesterday visit reminds me of the horrible experience, the Same mean, hostile woman at this Wolfe Ranch. Here's my experience - she's very rude to our group just when we were entering the orchard, we haven't even done anything yet. But at the same time, her face could turn to be smiley face to another couples, who are caucasian. I am Asian - Chinese - After we entered the orchard, she stalked on us. As soon as we picked the first fruit (yes, one), all of a sudden, this mean spirit woman came to us and asked "are you going to buy?". I dont need no one to follow us and spy on us. She's insane. - When we were checking out, my son was maneuvering the orchard's little wagon (which holds the fruit we picked). The evil lady showed up again and rudely demanding/commanding my son (he's 4)to pull the wagon to the area she wanted it to be. Again, at the same time, she can just turn to another Caucasian couple and smiling and friendly again. What are we guilty of? - Yesterday, we went to fruit picking again, hope to enjoy the day. I regret that 'mistake', we went to this Wolfe Ranch at 2113 concord....nightmore begins. We asked for 4 buckets, they asked what we need them for? Are we suppose to literally have our hands full of fruit? - people there just keep annoying us bey saying we can't drink, eat...we can't use umbrella....can't this and can't that. Why are they bother to open the business for U-pick fruit if they dont want their customers to go to their place? - The the same mean spirit lady I saw from last year, that confirmed my suspicion that this Wolfe ranch discriminate Asian. So at check out, the evil woman behaved the usual mean and rude self. NO, I will never go back there, never again. Why do you want to pay extra premium for their rotten fruits and get upset and insulted? - We came to Brentwood to enjoy the day, the area, the experience and every thing. We know we are paying super premium for the fruit which is fine because we expect to enjoy the day and and have fun with fruit picking. But this Wolfe woman and associates really should not be operating their U-pick business cause they dont allow people to enjoy their trip. Poor rating for this Wolfe Ranch is already too generous, overrated. I Will not go there, never again. Seriously, if they don't treat their customers fair and square, they should not even open their door to the public. It is the kind of people, operation style at Wolfe that gives Bad reputation to Brentwood and all its orchards.

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