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Grand Lake Ace Garden Center

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4001 Grand Ave.

Oakland CA 94610


8 Reviews:

5 stars On Mar 10, 2009: EarthlySites from Oakland, CA wrote:

Ace Grand Lake is a great little nursery for the basics as well as rare specimans, and Tom & staff are super knowledgeable and helpful!

5 stars On Feb 25, 2009: mobile1952 wrote:

This place is great. I live maybe three blocks from them. Have purchased many plants. You are right about the parking and service thought

5 stars On Mar 13, 2008: Calif_Sue from Northern California, XX wrote:

This little gem of a nursery is one of those places that, even with a car full of newly purchased plants and a vow that I'm only stopping to 'look', I always find something that I just have to have! Often the only problem in this corner lot is finding parking but it's worth circling the block a few times.

5 stars On May 23, 2007: bleedingheart42 from Castro Valley, CA wrote:

A pleasant, relaxing nursery to find unusual and common plants. They are helpful happy, and know their stuff. The plants are healthy and well taken care of. The buyer likes finding unusal plants from all over the world. Its a little spot of heaven in a great location near the Grand Lake Theater.

5 stars On Apr 03, 2007: marwoo from Stockton, CA wrote:

I happened upon this wonderful nursery when I lived in Oakland and had very little garden experience. I didn't know at the time what a rarity a place like this is. I now live (unfortunately) in Stockton and whenever I need plants, good/unusual seeds I get into the car and drive to Grand Lake Ace Garden Center. It is SOOOOO worth the drive. The same people have worked there for years, love what they do (or at least pretend to) and are FABULOUS ( I only have had "issues" with one woman there who works mostly at the register and is NOT very helpful or friendly)! Unlike many Bay Area places, they give you the time of day, offer advice willingly and without reserve, and don't think you're an idiot if you don't know a lot about gardening -- they like educating beginners!

5 stars On Dec 05, 2006: Happenstance from Northern California, CA wrote:

Worth the trip for the unusual plants and great customer service, but prepare for the "parking challenge" and allow extra time for that activity.

5 stars On Dec 01, 2006: begoniacrazii from Northern California, CA wrote:

Not what you would expect from an 'Ace' hardware. The owner is a plant collector and keeps the nursery supplied with unusual and sometimes rare plants. Well worth the visit to find something unique! Great customer service is an added bonus! Plenty of indoor tropicals as well as annuals and perennials, vines, shrubs, cacti/succulents and more!

5 stars On Nov 28, 2006: ecrane3 from Dublin, CA wrote:

One of Oakland's hidden gems! They cram a ton of great plants into a fairly small space, I was very surprised the first time I went to see all the great stuff they had, at prices that are definitely better than the majority of local nurseries. I've found a number of plants there that I haven't found anywhere else, and it definitely beats the other garden centers when you need to get a flat or two of something pretty to fill in a big open space in your garden! They have a great assortment of houseplants too. The only downside is parking--the lot is tiny, and the street parking tends to be pretty full most of the time, so I'd recommend going right when they open.

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