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East Bay Nursery

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2332 San Pablo Ave.

Berkeley CA 94702

(510) 845-6490

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6 Reviews:

2 stars On Apr 15, 2008: 3margaritas from San Pablo, CA wrote:

I am not crazy about this nursery. The staff is not helpful at all. The plants are mostly ordinary, however, there are some exceptions. I tried to like this nursery, I really did, but I don't. I only go there if I'm visiting the salvage yard across the street. I don't think I've ever bought a single thing. Just go to browse.

3 stars On Mar 13, 2008: Calif_Sue from Northern California, XX wrote:

Even though their plants are somewhat overpriced, I always love to stop by for the inspiring potted plant displays and hanging baskets, often it's enough to load up my cart with a few offerings to try to duplicate a planting. They do have a great abutilon selection.

1 star On Aug 18, 2007: chels123 wrote:

I have found the customer service lacking in knowlege and sometimes just lacking. Some of the staff is down right rude. If you can stand the high prices and the lousy cust. svc. then go, but there are plenty of other great nurseries near by that are far less pretentious.

4 stars On Dec 10, 2006: Kell from Northern California, CA wrote:

Many plants are way overpriced but I just love to go here. I hate they are not open on Sundays, a day I like to take off to nursery hop. I always go here for my starter plants for my combo pots. They have the best selection of 4 inchers of interesting ones that I have found. I pay too much for them though! I also enjoy their many and varied abutilons, evergreens, flowering trees/bushes and passifloras. They also have great display baskets and combo pots. I love to just go and look!

2 stars On Dec 05, 2006: Happenstance from Northern California, CA wrote:

I found this business to be pretty average, high priced and lacking in customer service.

3 stars On Dec 02, 2006: Cretaceous from El Sobrante, CA wrote:

A fairly large nursery which has a good selection of plants. I have purchased many ferns, a Ginkgo tree, and a few other plants here. I have sometimes found the staff to be unhelpful during my visits (and on the telephone), and the plants tend to be expensive.

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