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Cypress Flower Farm

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333 Cypress Avenue

Moss Beach CA 94038

(650) 728-0728

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6 Reviews:

5 stars On Apr 20, 2009: liamdurkee from Montara, CA wrote:

As a Coastside resident I visit Cypress Farms quite often throughout the year, but especially in Spring. Their cut flowers are amazing! I am currently looking at the flowers that I purchased a week ago today, for our Easter Brunch, and they are still gorgeous. My favorite thing about the farm is that they cut and sell the same day, and with the tulips, which are exceptional, they leave the bulb on, so that you can save them and plant them if you want. Mainly it keeps them very fresh. They also carry an outstanding array of native plants. They are helpful and pleasant, and incredibly knowledgable about all things flower and plant. They have great and innovative gift items as well. I highly recommend this wonderful local spot!

5 stars On Apr 19, 2009: windmoor wrote:

I was so happy to find such a great resource for local native plants since we are trying to water less during the summer. Cypress Flower Farm has lots of variety and provides excellent selection and care notes for each plant. Great gift shop, too!

5 stars On Apr 19, 2009: TPrice1 wrote:

While visiting from Colorado recently, I stopped by the Cypress Flower Farm to inquire about a local fresh flower delivery. I realized immediately that it was not a typical florist. The flower farm offers much more, and is well worth a visit to enjoy the serene environment and to meet the friendly and well informed staff. I purchased my first flower arrangement sight unseen after speaking with Nancy, and it was a huge hit. I have purchased other arrangements since then and have been very pleased. Whenever I place an order, I am confident they will provide a beautiful arrangement, at a great value.

4 stars On Apr 19, 2009: Ruth_McKowen wrote:

Who doesn't like a flower garden but this is really unique. The coast at Moss Beach is always worth the drive and this little jewel is a lovely surprise. We just happened in there one day and happily spent a lot more time than we had intended. We dismissed our time schedule...we were hooked. The staff was personable and helpful. We had lots of questions and all were answered, and then some. We were told about the history, hardiness, seasons, etc. of the many varieties at this flower farm. We have gone back several times and it's always a treat. Ruth McKowen

5 stars On Apr 18, 2009: PatriciaKane wrote:

I've been a customer here for about 15 years. It's beautiful, peaceful, and carries some unique California natives. I've always found the staff and especially the owners, Randy & Sharon Dardenelle, to be very knowledgeable. They seem to care that I am happy with what I purchase. One thing that has impressed me for all these years is the low of turnover in their staff; they retain their employees for years. They must be great employers. You get the feeling that they care about their staff and customers and plants, all just like family and it comes through clearly in every aspect of the Flower Farm. I highly recommend it.

1 star On Sep 08, 2008: manylackies wrote:

My new daughter in law rented this space for her wedding with my son. The person in charge was very loud and abrasive and put our new in laws in their place! Some did not think it was as funny as we did but "Sharon" was like a drill sargeant and may have to attend some charm school classes in the very near future! She was very funny! Sincerely, J. Parkinson

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