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Alum Rock Park

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16240 Alum Rock Ave.

San Jose CA 95127

(408) 277-2757

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5 stars On May 29, 2008: Calif_Sue from Northern California, XX wrote:

Being only a 5 minute drive from this park, we enjoy visiting often throughout the year. The park is located in a canyon in the hills and has approx. 13 miles of hiking trails as well as a visitor center, picnic areas, a playground, and sand volleyball and horseshoe pits. It's rich in history, founded in 1872, and was the first municipal park in the state of California. There are various informational plaques providing brief history along with images scattered around the property. We always bring company out here and they get a kick out of visiting the old surviving mineral springs with their pungent sulfur (rotten egg) odors! Also on the property is a Youth's Science Institute Science and Nature Center, a great place to bring kids. //

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