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Green Arrow Nursery

4 stars Write a Review

8845 Sepulveda Blvd

Sepulveda CA 91343

(818) 894-8301

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4 Reviews:

1 star On Sep 14, 2013: All_Gold_Tomato_Farm wrote:

This place sucks. I bought a can of clover seed priced at $15. The clerk accidentally charged me $1500, (yes, FIFTEEN HUNDRED) and since I used a debit card, the money was of course immediately taken from my checking account. They REFUSED to give me the cash back then and there (it was the end of a busy Saturday, so I'm quite certain they had that much cash on hand) but instead told me they would have to issue a credit. It took them TEN DAYS to get my money back to me. When I called to complain about how long it was taking, the manager said, "Haven't you ever made a mistake?" How stupid is that? I am an avid gardener, and was even once an officer of the local community garden, and I own 2 homes, one of them a new place which needed lots of landscaping. But I never returned to this place.

5 stars On Jul 20, 2009: monsoon wrote:

I called into this nursery after a bad experience with another one. They did not read me their resume and get angry and out of control like green landscape nursery in santa clarita. They agreed with me completely about opting for drought resistant plants and discussede many options at a lesser cost. They also recommended that I wait until the heat wave is over for the best results. Excellent customer service, knowledgeable and very helpful. What a difference.

4 stars On Sep 04, 2007: smokemaster from North Hills, CA wrote:

I live down the street from the sepulvida one. I'm in there a couple times a week. Gotta see if there are any new things to play with. I grow hot peppers. This year they had a lot more varieties than I've seen anywhere else. Large tomato collection also. People are very helpful and friendly too. Lots of great advice etc.

4 stars On Jun 03, 2007: hellnzn11 from Rosamond, CA wrote:

This nursury is very large, it is well laid out and always easy to get help. I like their sister nursury in Canoga Park too, it is large as well but seems more crowded and less manueverability in rows of plants. They seem to carry everything from very different fountains, big and huge scale as well, lots of yard accessories like cool heavy cement tables, (for our crazy winds here)a variety of arbors,pots, bridges, yards and yards of shade cloths and they carry plants that grow in many southern california conditions and zones there, which in the Antelope Valley, you will never find this variety. They have many types of Roses and ground covers and reasonable prices and great sales too at times. The one in Newhall is real nice too but the one in Sepulveda is the best to me. Canoga has a whole seperate yard for patio and fireside stuff and furniture that is pricy.

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