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Arkansas Plant Outlet (on Hogan Lane)

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827 Hogan Lane

Conway AR 72034

(501) 513-0080

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5 Reviews:

2 stars On Jul 22, 2013: Carthel wrote:

The staff I dealt with were friendly but they don't follow up on what they say they will do. They never called me when they received the shipment I was waiting on.

5 stars On Oct 13, 2009: riverron wrote:

the first thing i noticed was it was very clean. everything was displayed beautifully and all the plants looked to be in excellent condition. aisleways were clear and walkable. the nursery was set up great. everything that should have been up off of the ground was. they have a very large selection of plants. the woman that was there was friendly without following me all around, i like that. i like to just wander around. it was an uplifting experience. colorful, well kept, well stocked and cared for. most definitely a place to go.

2 stars On Jun 17, 2009: harris123 wrote:

Yes, many plants mislabeled...customer service not so good. If someone of management is not on site, employees do not know how to reach them, when they will be back, etc. Some employees very helpful...some very rude. One employee, Bryan, rude and appeared bothered when asked for help....has very little knowledge about his job or how the business is run.

5 stars On Sep 11, 2008: russellvillejay wrote:

very very very helpful. i called to get some prices and what they had in stock told me what i needed to do and what i needed to bring for them to put mulch in my trailer and was very polite.

2 stars On May 29, 2007: garden_mom from Bigelow, AR wrote:

Customer service is very bad and many of the plants are mislabled. Trees and bushes are horribly root bound and need to be checked carefully before purchase. Many annuals and tender perennials labeled and sold as hardy perennials. They do have a few plants that are unavailable elsewhere locally.

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