Training Wisteria Vines to Grow Upwards

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Wisteria vines are a great addition to any garden. This vine has been heralded by many landscapers and has tremendous displays of flower blossoms with an inviting fragrance. Wisteria vines can be a little tricky to get started, but when they mature are much easier to take care of. They will not need a lot of water or fertilizer to continue producing their flowers.

One of the most important parts of growing wisteria vines in our garden, around your arbor, or even on your porch or near you home is to control its growth. Wisteria vines can get easily out of control and start growing somewhere you do not want it to. These vines have been known to damage homes and other structures when allowed to get out of control. Training wisteria vines to grow upwards is something that is done early on. Once that has been completed, the vines will continue to grow on their own.

What You Will Need

  • Pruning Shears
  • Garden Arbor or Trellis
  • Fabric Ties

Step One - Start Near Strong Support

Wisteria vines are a very fast growing vine. They are also known as a very strong vine. They can grow upwards of 20 feet long with very thick vines. The pressure they can exert on a structure when they are growing around it is tremendous. They have been known to snap wood that is small than a 4x4 post. When you are training your vine to grow, make sure the structure you are using to support it is sturdy and strong.

Step Two - Prune Often

When the upright stems begin to grow you will need to keep a close eye on it. Since the wisteria vines grow very rapidly you will be pruning often. Training your plant begins when the upright stems begin to grow. Keep the offshoot vines pruned back so you can grow the stem upward.

Step Three - Tie To Post

Using some fabric ties, loosely tie the vine to a post as it grows. Continue the pruning of excess vines and let it crawl up the post. You want the vine to start wrapping around the post or structure. As it grows, you will have to wrap it around. Tie it as you go. Keep a good distance between the vines as you wrap it around. Two to three inches is enough.

Step Four - Keep Watered

When the wisteria vine is young, it will need to be watered for the continued growth.

Step Five - Be Prepared For The Long Haul

It can take up to two years to successfully train your wisteria vine to grow up your structure. During this time you should continue to water, and prune back the excess vines. In the winter is a perfect time to prune it back considerably. It will grow even more in the spring, giving you a healthier vine. As it grows up the structure, continually work newer vines in to give it strength.

Once you have the vine trained to grow up, it will continue to grow in that direction until the structure changes. After the vine gets to the size you want it, then keep it pruned to that size or it will continue to grow.

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