Most Appropriate Lawn Care Supplies for the Winter

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Winter lawn care is vital for maintaining a healthy lawn all year round. During the winter months your lawn will become dormant and the growth of the grass will slow down. In preparation for the cooler months there are a few lawn care supplies which would be beneficial to have in order to care for your lawn effectively. 



This is one of the key lawn care supplies that you will need for treating your lawn. Fertilizer can be purchased from a local nursery or a garden centre. However, If you have a compost bin in your back yard then you will benefit from having organic fertilizer at your fingertips. 

Fertilizer is rich in the essential nutrients that encourage healthy growth in plants and lawns. In preparation for winter lawn care you should start applying fertilizer to your lawn in the fall. Continue the process regularly throughout the winter unless there is heavy snow in your area. Early fertilizing will also prevent the onset of weeds. Be careful not to use an excessive amount as too much fertilizer will encourage the growth of weeds.



Mulch is an organic process which is often caused be the decomposing of leaves. If you have trees that overlook or are growing in your back yard then you will have one of the lawn care supplies that are required in the winter. Start by raking up the majority of the leaves that have fallen in your garden. If there are too many leaves, this could result in mould forming on your grass. The best practice is to sprinkle leaves over your lawn conservatively. When they decompose, they will turn into nutrient enriched organic mulch. 


Plant Seeds

If you are concerned that there are brown patches developing on your lawn, you can plant grass seeds. Rye grass seeds will grow in the winter without damaging your existing grass. The best time to plant rye seeds is in the fall and this will ensure that you have a lush green grass during winter. 

Invest in a Spiking Tool

A spiking tool or a hand fork will assist in lawn care because you will use it for the aeration process. Aeration allows air to penetrate down to the roots. It will improve drainage and will help future growth because it breaks down hard compacted areas which will have occurred during the summer months when lawns tend to be used more frequently. 


Weed Killer

Weed killers will form an integral part of your lawn care supplies. Weeds feed on the nutrients that your grass will need during the winter so it is important that these are eradicated for quality lawn care.

There are plenty of weed killers that are available from garden centers, most of which will be pre-emergent herbicides. This means that they will kill the weeds and try to prevent them from re-growing. For an organic weed killer, you could try applying vinegar to your weeds.

71 - Fertilizer.jpg

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